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Roompik is a startup based at Innovation Birmingham on the E4F programme. We started it because a friend was staying on my couch in Sydney in February and he could not find a flat share with people he wanted to live with we decided to make Roompik. It is a cross between AirBNB and Tinder for the long term spare room rental market.

Our first version was released in the iOS App Store yesterday. We’d really appreciate you taking a look and letting us know what you think.

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James Richmond

Hi @James_Richmond

It’s nice to tell us about yourself or company before placing ads as we may think it’s spam. I know it’s not but a nice introduction of who you are can be a good start :wink: BTW, nice app.

Edited my post, hopefully better.



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Great app and concept. I tried it on my iPhone 6 and it worked well. Could probably do with an update for the retina display as the resolution looked blurry in some areas.

On another note, how’s the growth of the app coming along? I’d be interested to learn more about how you are marketing it and who your main market are.

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