WordPress freelance work available for an international charity

(Jon) #1

Hi all

I have been offered some WordPress work on an ongoing freelancer basis. However, I am looking for full-time work presently, so am not in a position to take it on. I have therefore suggested to my contact that I re-post it for them to get more eyeballs.

I have seen the client site and it looks like a pretty established site/charity, so this looks like good work for someone who knows their WordPress onions.

I will invite the post owner into this thread so folks can contact them if they wish. He’s based in Birmingham. The job info is as follows:

I am helping to manage and develop a site for someone in the UK who manages the design of the site and the end client.

The site itself is owned by a charity based in the U.S. and U.K.

The design/visual work and end client management is done by the person whom I work with, and as they do not have much of a technical mindset, they wanted me to manage more of that side of matters.

The site uses WordPress with off the shelf free and purchased plugins. It uses a custom developed theme and also some custom templates and coding for features that have been developed for which a suitable plugin could not be found. I have been informed that the custom templates and coding are not integrated with plugins and core WordPress in that updates to plugins and the core do not break the custom work.

I should be able to do some of the quicker or smaller HTML/PHP/JavaScript and plugin/framework tweaks or fixes, but I require someone more on a coding and development level when updates to features are required that I cannot do or have the time to do, and when brand new features are required that may require more coding. And that is where I wanted someone like yourself.

There is no development work right now, however, it could be there at any time depending on the end client feedback and our suggestions.

The theme and custom coding were developed by a company a few years ago, then another company worked with it all, then a freelancer, and this freelancer is now going to work full time and hence my involvement and that of someone who is more of a developer (like you) for bigger updates.

How I see us this working is that I ask you to estimate how long something is going to take and then use that as a basis to give a fixed fee and timescale quote. Any changes by the client along the way would be additional work based on an hourly rate.

So you may have snippets of work which you bill for at the end of the month, and/or larger feature updates which would be billed as projects.

You would effectively work with/for me, and the designer would get involved with managing the client and visual design (if there are any visual aspects to consider).

(Bharat Karavadra) #2

Thank you for the invite Jon.

Hello all, I am the post owner and you can contact me for any details about the above.

The role in general is as described above and there will be two types of work:

  1. ad-hoc smaller fix, tweaks, adjustments, etc which can be billed on a per hour basis at the end of the month, and itemised on a per minute basis as some tasks literally may take a minute or two.

  2. larger developments which could mean (at the smaller end of the work scale) template updates from client requirements or our suggestions to them to (at the larger end of the work scale) a whole new section which works like a plugin developed from scratch. These would most probably be quoted for as fixed projects and then any over work due to changes to the brief would be charged for as (1) above.

As an update, I would like someone there long term to support this project on the more technical aspects that I do not have the skills for or the time for. My role is to manage the technical aspects for the main manager of this site who also manages their online and offline branding and design work.

From the handover, we currently require a version control system (e.g. Github) so that our code base and comments are up to date, and I will post any other updates here unless we have found someone to work with us.

Please ask any questions that you may have, and thank you.


(Jon) #3

Hi @bharatk, did you have any bites for this?

Recently I had another request for WP work, and I remembered that I’d dealt with a local org previously who’d based their whole product upon it. They are here, and a link for their current dev is on that page at the time of writing. I don’t know his work, but it might be worth a try!

[looking for staff] [Sutton Coldfield] WordPress Developer
(Bharat Karavadra) #4

Hello Jon,

I didn’t receive an interest message from Birmingham.io but I someone else recommended a developer whom I have been working with.

I hope you are well and busy, and thank you for the post here.

Best wishes,

(Jon) #5

Ah, I am pleased you found someone! :smiley:

I was previously job-hunting, now I am recruiter-hunting. :gun: Someone should organise a safari tour or something! :blush: