Which type of POC is best for web based ERP Implementation [I/O Pages]

Which type of POC is better for ERP Implementation

POC will be printouts of all the inputs and outputs of each modules / procedures covered in the scope of ERP. Each page needs to be signed and certified by ERP coordinator and by concerned user.

I still haven’t worked out why anyone uses ERP systems. I understood even less after a few years of using SAP. A colleague with more years of suffering described SAP as, “like pouring concrete into you organisational structures to prevent them from changing”. My team were trying to become more agile at the same time as this kind of nonsense was being dropped on us from above. My advice would be to run away.

I haven’t ever heard anyone mention ERP in the forum before. Do you mean “Proof of Concept”?

You may need to explain what the concept is before anyone can help.

It seems to me that the ERP concept is to put your faith in another company that is trying to sell you something from a huge suite of products with overlapping functionality, assuming they know more about how to run your company than you do and you are best using the same processes as your competitors because they aren’t key differentiators. I’d ‘Lean’ towards trying not to do ‘that kind of thing’. I say this as a business analyst who could probably have doubled my income by pretending it was a good idea but I like solving problems, not making them.

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