Where to find support for DNS/Hosting issues in Birmingham?

I’ve been trying to host a static html/css/js portfolio website but I moved hosting and domain registration to another host (Amazon Route 53), without properly transferring the DNS settings and have now got things into a mess without having the depth of knowledge to get me out of it.

Are there any places in Birmingham which offer support around DNS and hosting, that can help me resolve this issue?

I’ve used Route 53 as a DNS, but I didn’t know, until you mentioned it and I checked, that AWS provides domain registration too. (It’s hard to keep up!)

Usually, the two are separate. As stated here, you usually set-up the receiving DNS, copy the source DNS config to the receiving, then change the registrar’s name servers to point at the new DNS.

It sounds like this is what you’ve done, mostly.

It might be worth your while starting a discussion on Slack.

I think we’d need more information on exactly what you’ve done to have a good idea how to solve it.

As suggested by @auxbuss, pop over to the Slack channel, or head over to Open Code or Homebrew and someone might be able to help you out.

Feel free, of course, to post more info here about what you’ve done up to this point, and I’m sure someone can help you out.

I agree that the best solution in this case is ‘chat to people who know’ but it’s interesting that there is no obvious company to go to, to help with a technical problem, if you were the kind of technical innocent who might run a startup business, using a WordPress site . My first thought was 'find a contractor who knows DNS well and pay them a daily rate, maybe with ‘an agreed cap’ on cost and time, to protect you both but that sounds both expensive and risky. Do we have any technical service companies? I know That London does.

Thank you all for the advice. I’ll visit the Slack channel to see if I can fix the issue.

Part of the problem is that I’m not even certain what I’ve done, and additionally both my current host and previous host use different conventions, UI’s, and processes for changing DNS so I’m having trouble translating the two and working out how they relate to the instructions.

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