What's your browser homepage?

What do you have set as your browser homepage? Are you using an existing site or service, or have you set-up something custom?

I’m using, specifically: (I’ve also set one up for Foxsoft).


I’ve never thought of homepage customisation as much as a labour saver, so have generally gone with whatever the browser ships with and just typed in what I want.

Do people find these custom homepages useful? - I like seeing what people are working on/producing when I fire up my browser. It’s inspiring.

I do. I use a number of browsers, across different machines, in a few different locations, so to have shortcuts to the most frequently used sites easily available across them all is a big help.

I’m just looking into setting up a custom, self hosted start page, possibly using EIGHT.

If I was ‘fully clouded’, I’d have my ‘desktop’ of normal service icons on my own web service. I currently achieve something similar (but worse) with Firefox’s shared favourites.

I have a tiddlywiki (single page editable wiki), which is basically arranged as a big html table with my commonly used links.

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Chromium’s default new tab page

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Currently using “Wunderlist New Tab”

I :heart: Wunderlist. I now have a IFTTT rule so that when I say “Siri, remind me to X” it gets sent to my Wunderlist inbox :smile:

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Having Dribbble on new tab is dangerous, but nice to see all the great stuff on there.

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I’ve just updated my homepage to one of my own creation:

It’s based on, and while not yet finished (need to spend some time finding icons for each of the items in the lists, and I want to add a background wallpaper), I’m pretty happy with it.

I don’t have a homepage, I start with the tabs from my last session. Together with Tab Groups, I can leave tabs “open” indefinitely. I keep a tab group loosely per project, so I can pick up whatever I was doing without having to remember where I left off.

Ya, that’s what I do too; tabs are restored. Opening a new tab shows me Chromium’s new tab homepage, which has links to the stuff I open most often automatically anyway :slight_smile:

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