What web-based accountants will keep a company in a (semi) dormant state?

(Jon) #1

I have a limited company, which I’ve used for about a year and a half with one client, for software engineering work on a contracting basis. I’ve now finished that contract, in order to work for myself for a few months, but would like to keep my company open so I can get back into contracting at a moment’s notice.

I am presently with Clever Accounts, an integrated accounting web app and chartered accountancy firm in Leeds. I started out thinking they were OK (assigned accountant was alright and the app was rough around the edges but is generally fine) but my view of them is rather worse now (customer service issues).

However, one point in Clever Accounts’ favour is that they offer cut-down versions of their service for companies that are still alive but do not need much accountancy work. £12pcm maintains access to the portal (no accountancy work), and £36 gets you the same plus PAYE and VAT processing. For comparison, it is £69 normally (ex VAT).

To reduce hassle, I will first see if I can swap my accountant with someone more helpful, but if not, does anyone know of other online accounting services that offer this facility? I have seen this thread and if necessary will talk to Crunch and FreeAgent. I’ve separately had Kashflow recommended as well.

(Jon) #2

Heh, just when this firm needs to be on its best behaviour, someone forgets to renew an SSL cert:

cleveraccounts.com uses an invalid security certificate.
The certificate expired on 05/04/17 00:59. The current time is
05/04/17 13:51.