What side projects are you working on?

(Stuart Langridge) #22

You don’t need to detect them. I assume (you’ll want to test this) that if you have some text inside the shopify div, that the shopify javascript removes that content. If so, then just put a message (“Hey! please whitelist us to see the buy buttons!”) inside that div. If the shopify JS doesn’t remove the contents of the shopify div, then I’d do it with CSS: div[data-product]:empty { content: "Please whitelist us to see the buy buttons"; }

(Steve Jalim) #23

Good call @sil - thank you. Try it now

(Stuart Langridge) #24

It now says: No purchase button? You’re probably blocking it
Which is true. Only someone massively touchy would say that that was a bit unfriendly-ly phrased :wink: But it does flag the problem now, and I’d have seen that and gone “aha, I’ll turn off Privacy Badger here” :slight_smile:

(Steve Jalim) #25

Point taken - rephrased to “No purchase button? Might be caught by a blocker”

(Andy Wootton) #26

Will privacy badgers be culled by Theresa May or is that only when they move the goalposts?

(Pete) #27

I am unable to stop trying to think new thoughts around the philosophy of mind, I am also learning about physics in a computery way (ie. What kind of mathematical objects does it involve?), learning guitar and React JS with Foundation as therapy for the legacy PHP I work with.
I’d like to get into Xamarin and ASP. Net core too… I think… Or perhaps node? I’d like to get involved in something to push my development to the next level.

(Matthew Somerville) #28

If you can put content inside the div, why not put a link to the shopify purchase page and the purchase price etc, the same as the noscript bit you already have there? That way, no need for a message or anything that will confuse or put people off. Anyway, never mind the purchase button, the body is display:none and if config.js fails to load, it’s just blank… :slight_smile:

Side projects? I’m in the choir and orchestra I’ve been in since I moved to Birmingham, and am months behind on podcasts :sunny:

(Stuart Langridge) #29

Yeah, I thought that too, but

So this is shopify’s fault for not automatically giving you such a thing, in my opinion :slight_smile:

(Richard Cunningham) #30

Most days I take photos, Currently traveling and taking ( Instagram / flickr ) pictures in Sri Lanka, flying back tonight.

Also, working on a web-app: https://lensstats.com

(Matthew Somerville) #31

The shopify button includes a noscript. The noscript links to https://checkout.shopify.com/12658415/checkouts/4491e4d318135dcfa4a8726bd8acbed8 which works fine, you don’t need a storefront. Something is writing that noscript; assuming it’s in the source, then that link can also go inside the div, on top of (or in fact, instead of) the noscript. And if the price is manually written in the div data-buy_button_text then that can also be manually written inside the div. Sorry, maybe I’m being dumb, but it seems pretty straightforward, and provides much better degradation.

(Stuart Langridge) #32

Agreed. I didn’t know that :slight_smile: Bonus points to @matthew for observation; minus a million points to me; one nudge to @stevejalim to do this :slight_smile:

(Dom Barnes) #33

I’ve got a few softwares ones
• HR/Staff management web app
• Money management cos I don’t like what’s out there
• Central Logging system for server monitoring
• Business Insights dashboard for day job (involves learning .Net MVC)
• fixing up my house
• “information about my Stuff” app

(Daveyon Mayne) #34

A Shopify app that connects with xero.com which creates invoices as soon as you’ve made a sale in shopify. Inventory management, sales, credit notes and quotes. 95% of the process done automatically. This is up to the user.

(Daniel Hollands) #35

I may have to do some work with Xero at one point - how are you finding their API? For my own part, I probably just want to export a CSV of invoices for importing.

(Daveyon Mayne) #36

No issues so far with their API. What sucks is, most feature, in xero.com, are not made available via their API endpoint. For CSV, you’ll just have to get all or some invoice and generate your own CSV file/output. For their API calls, there is a 1000 call limit per day (30K per month).

(Steve Jalim) #37

How about framed A3? A4 is pretty small, even in a frame

(Stuart Langridge) #38

Sure thing; I’m more thinking that a nice wall artifact is good. Posters are for student bedrooms :wink:

(Daveyon Mayne) #39

I guess it’s time to validate zrofy! That’s right, pronounced Zero-fy. The names I come up with these days :wink:

Once validated, I’ll ask for your feedback with a login link.