What is your weekend availablility for social things within the community?

Just a very quick poll to see what your availability (given enough notice) for doing things (attending meet ups and/or other local events, etc…) on the weekend is like.

  • I’m generally available on Saturdays
  • I’m generally available on Sundays
  • I’m generally available both both days
  • I’m generally not available either day

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I’m not talking about every weekend here, just a theoretical weekend at some point in the future.

When I was freelance I’d tend to work 7 days a week. I found it easier to manage 7 5ish hour days, than 5 8ish hour days.

Now that I’m properly employed I don’t work the weekends at all, but if there was some form of emergency I’d almost always be available.


Sorry, I might not have made myself clear enough - I ask asking about availability for community-based social activities on the weekend, not work stuff. I’ve updated the topic to hopefully make it a little clearer.

Upon re-reading the thread I can see what you’re asking is perfectly clear. Ignore me, I’m a moron!

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