What happened to the lovely one-column layout?

It may just be me - does anyone else find the new style of the landing page a lot harder to grok?

Ah it’s at

I had a convo with @LimeBlast about it earlier in DMs. He pointed me at the following, which seems like a reasonable compromise, since he has a few objectives of his own:

I quite like the new one, because (IMHO) it provides the best of both worlds:

  • a list of categories for folks only interested in specific categories.
  • a list of the latest topics for everyone else.

I’ll admit you lose a bit of detail from both with them being on a single page, but I was hoping there would be enough in each to make it useful.

Anyway, a few people have mentioned they dislike it, so I’m going to wait for some more feedback and see what solution we can come up with - if it means going back to the old style, so be it.

Nah, I like the new one - most people have the screen width to be able to cope. Unless we have a large number of people on mobile phones, but I guess that would be handled responsively?

@LimeBlast - minor bug report, have the emojis changed in the recent upgrade? This image has been used in the past, and now 404s. I wonder if that should be “slight smile” rather than “slightly smiling” :smile:

I guess if it’s a homepage then that makes sense, but for me, in IA terms, the categories aren’t of equal importance with the topics themselves as the categories change infrequently whereas the topic list is updated every day.


Nailed it.

It’s been a few days with the new layout - what are your thoughts?

For my part, I’ve been able to use the site in pretty much the same way as I always did - I just use the right column to select the latest unread post and dive in. With the exception of it looking different, it still works in the same way.

But I’m unimportant - I’m far more interested in hearing what everyone else thinks? @auxbuss, @stevejalim and @skinofstars specifically (as each of you has given me feedback about the change), what are you thoughts now you’ve had a few days with the change?

Few days in, it still irks me. Adds a click to my journey. As a left-to-right reader I would say latest posts should be on the left, in UX terms

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What if you set as your bookmark for the site?

Not a fan. What happened to the link change mentioned above? I’ve bookmarked latest, but then have to open tabs or get into multiple clicks. Worse UI imo.

Also not a fan, when I click top left logo it goes back to multi column view.

OK, I’ve had more negative feedback than positive, I’ve switched it back.


I don’t use the bookmark on my desktop - I use browser history, which opens just

Agile :thumbsup:

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