What are you working on? Side project or work

(Daveyon Mayne) #1

My tech career started with this website and the people on this website. I’ve been lurking and eavesdropping in here and then and I’ve noticed nothing’s really going on. Are we moved to Slack? I know we are all busy with personal life and real world communication but I believe we could beef up the activity of this website.

How can I make an impact? By sharing what I’m up to, what projects I’ve been working on at my current job and also the many blog posts I’v started since.

For work, I was given a task, a sprint, to change a php page to use Vue.js. I love frontend and even though the last time I’ve used Vue was ages ago. I took up the challenge.

My managers and product owner are happy with the outcome. The process involves in understanding the existing codebase, this includes the php and sql schema. The database used in MS SQL. We are migrating few bits to elastic search over the coming months. Though the due date was this month, testing took up the most part that includes tracking and seo. Those were to too most important parts for the online team to get right.

I was not being pushed but I knew I had a deadline. It was fun. My next sprint is to change the /cruise-reviews/ page. I cant wait.

(Andy Wootton) #2

I think don’t this web site is dead. It is potentially far more valuable than Slack because it has a longer memory. Slack conversations are dynamic but disposable.

(Greg Robson) #3

I agree with @Woo about Slack. Like many I initially found it useful, but as really try and cut distractions to the bone, Slack just doesn’t help.

As it’s the first day of 2019 I’m sure everyone is doing some self-reflection and angling towards some idea of what they want to achieve this year. Personally I’ve got a few loose goals at present:

  • Launch some kind of SaaS product - although anything that involves VAT MOSS won’t be launched until after we know the state of play regarding Brexit on the 29th March. There’s just too much that hasn’t been worked out on that front.
  • Do “something” with my personal website: gregrobson.uk - I last updated when I was looking for a job over a year ago, but I’d like to get some proper design (not a template) up there and some content of my own published.

Currently I’m holding back while I finish a freelance project. A prior project I was maintaining is due to be decommissioned in April. I’m spending the first few months of this year rejigging priorities based on risk, effort required and potential reward. January is a “cleaning house” month. So many ideas, not enough delivery in the past. Got to knuckle down a lot!!!

(Daveyon Mayne) #4

But we are building Slack than this website. I remembered the days where my notifications were piling up. I remembered people were posing what they we working on while getting valuable self/opinionated feedback.