What are you listening to right now?

(Daniel Hollands) #1

Similar to our Spotify playlist, this thread deals with music (or, well, any audio really). But rather than being about what you could listen to at work - this thread deals with what you actually ARE listening to. As in right now, this very second.

I’ll start us off with an album that I found yesterday called Ephemeris by H.U.V.A Network. Specifically, right this second I’m listening to track 8: Diagrams.

For you folks without Spotify, the album is on YouTube (Diagrams starts at 56:36)

What about you, what are you listening to right now?

(Colin Smith) #2

Soma FM Groove Salad

(Daniel Hollands) #3

Excellent choice my good man!

(Dave Adlakha-Russell) #4

Janet Devlin - Lifeboat

Full history and as-it-happens news available here :smiley:

(Daniel Thompson) #5

I find I can’t listen to anything too good while I’m coding. It has to be something upbeat but that can fade into the background and not compete with what I’m working. Anyway, that is basically justification for what I’m about to tell you, which is that I’m loving Taylor Swift right now.

(Daniel Hollands) #6

My thoughts exactly, which is why most of what I listen to doesn’t have lyrics.

That said, if I’m doing something that involves just going though the motions, or something which doesn’t require too much thought, then you may find me (quietly, under my breath) singing along.

(Dave Adlakha-Russell) #7

When I used Mac I found Ambiance to be a great tool for generating background noise. There’s loads of samples available to mix together. Sadly it’s not available on Linux :(.

(Kevin Carmody) #8

Cursive’s 2003 classic, The Ugly Organ.

I dread to think how many times I’ve re-listened to this album in the past year.

(Stuart Langridge) #9

http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2015/04/ambient-noise-player-app-for-ubuntu-linux might be a useul alternative.

(Daniel Hollands) #10


The problem I have with these white-noise generators is that I’ve found a few of them take shortcuts in the production of the audio, with very obvious looping samples. As soon as you recognise a pattern, it’s effects are diminished.

(Daniel Hollands) #11

Also, I’m currently listening to: http://rain.nxe7.com/

(Colin Smith) #12

Just discovered Morcheeba. Likes.

(Jon) #13

Two of my loves these days are Camille’s Ilo Veyou and Spoon’s Girls Can Tell (French/English pop and American college rock respectively). I’ve looped these two records pretty much for the last week, so I need to hurry up and get something new.

I’m a big fan of lyrics, but I can generally fade it into the background if I am working - it’s listening to brand-new stuff that’s distracting for me.

(Stuart Langridge) #14

You may also find http://boodler.org/ interesting…

(Daniel Hollands) #15

Right now I’m listening to Simple Things by Zero 7.

(Colin Smith) #16

Currently listening to Kraftwerk - Computer World. Not listened to this in a good while.

(Steve Jalim) #17

On a Dime - Joel Plaskett. Guaranteed to make me smile in the first five seconds

(Marc Cooper) #18

Madredeus, Oxalá: A song of beauty and hope (and the subjunctive, if you know Latin languages :wink: ) After Paris: Oxalá, tudo corra, menos mal.

(Colin Smith) #19

Hardfloor - Aint Nuttin but a Format Thang.

this thread is 3 yrs old :astonished:

(Daniel Hollands) #20

Indigo Room by H.U.V.A NETWORK :slight_smile: