What are you doing with your Pis?

I ordered one as soon as I could, just to make sure that I’d be able to get one without delay - not because I had any particular plans for it, just because I wanted it as my experimental unit.

This does raise some questions, however - what am I going to do with the Pis currently in my possession?

Well, I have some ideas:

  • BabblePi (my stupid project which displays tweets sent to it across it’s UnicornHAT display) will probably use my Pi Zero and be put inside a Kamco Giant Saturn Robot (if I can make it fit - hence using the Zero).

  • PiHole is currently running on one of my first edition Pis.

  • Smart Mirror will be powered by another one of my first edition Pis

  • Wireless Print Server running off my third first edition Pi

  • Picade will no doubt end up using one of my Pi 2s, although depending on what support RetroPi gets for the Pi3, this may be upgraded at some point.

  • AirSonos is another excellent candidate for a Pi 2.

  • Home control panel will use my other Pi 2.

So, while not all of these projects are complete yet (currently only the PiHole is, but the print server will be working by this evening), I do have allocated tasks for each of my Pis… Good point, I should buy some more :smiley:


Nice list. I have to admit to setting my on-phone homepage to hackaday… and related to your list ( and hopefully not too tangental ), I wondered if anyone had an innovation so wonderful they had thought to add it to the hackaday / adafruit contest?

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I’m building an audio visualizer that will output an RGB scale through LEDs :smiley:

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Something like this will probably be of interest then?

I built my PrintPi yesterday:

It was really simple, I just followed the instructions at the links below:

@LimeBlast £350 is a bit too much for a bunch of LEDs. The cube idea is pretty cool, but I don’t think it fits with the concept I have in mind, I@m very much planning on backlighting my room, just having ambient coloring. I am planning on using this:

My reaction was similar, it started off something like “oohh, that’s pretty, I should back it”, which was quickly followed by “holy shit, not for that much I’m not!”

This looks excellent as-and-when you start working on this, give me a shout as I’d love to have a play :smiley:

In related news, you may have seen that I have a UnicornHAT - it’s pretty good, but I’m forced to use Python to control it (there are a couple of Ruby gems which report to work with it, but I’ve not been able to make either of them work) - so the fact that blinkstick has a Ruby library is appealing.

Oh, and while we’re talking about mood lighting, I backed this last year:

I saw something on TV recently about ‘farming under lights’ in green houses. Apparently, different plants eat different wavelengths of light. I wasn’t entirely convinced they’d got their colour theory right but maybe it’s me that’s wrong. I’m not sure you can mix any wavelength out of RGB, just because it looks like you can.

Not terrible the mood light, I really like the blinkstick as I’m a JS developer and it has a node API, it just offers a really big range of APIs and the fact that there are so many different types of LEDs allow for a lot of cutomization.

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