West Midlands Travel

I’ve been doing a bit of research, before my wife started commuting into Birmingham.
We live in Zone 5 and a half on this map.

We started here:
You can get an nnetwork monthly ticket on the spot at major stations (even Walsall) if you take a passport photo for an ID card and some money. It takes about a quarter of an hour.
Then you find out that if you’d planned ahead, you could have bought a Swift card
but if you want the cheaper Swift rail season ticket, you have to pay by Direct Debit and wait for your card to come through the post. From here that’s Zones 1-5(and a half) for £72-35 per month to go ANYWHERE in the known WM(ish), even Coventry!

I hope this helps someone avoid the frustration we experienced. The D/D part of Swift does not appear very integrated into the rest of the PAYG system.

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