Wednesday June 14, 2017: Disability access with Xamarin Technologies

(Dave Evans) #1

Dennie Declercq is coming over from Belgium to share with us his experiences of building mobile apps for people with disabilities. Details here:

(Andy Wootton) #2

Radio 4 ‘In Touch’ recently had a visually impaired developer on. He reported that the web is getting worse due to our increasing reliance on graphics for sense-making (says the guy who just uploaded a map because he has no idea how to represent non-hierarchical structures textually.)

(Dave Evans) #3

I know what you mean, it is getting more and more difficult to align the perceptions of marketing with the reality of how people use apps and the web. The problems just escalate when the user also has other difficulties. Really looking forward to the talk by Dennie next Wednesday.

(Dave Evans) #4

Just a gentle nudge, Dennie is coming all the way from Belgium to speak to us - please can we give him a Brum welcome and register for his talk. Thanks.

Details here: