Watch the talks from November's HydraHack

(Kath Preston) #1


The talks from our last Hydrahack meetup earlier this month are now available to watch!

Holly Emblem: Agency Applications of Data Science and Machine Learning

How can you use machine learning and data science techniques in your everyday work? In this talk, Holly will cover recent projects where 383 have used Bayesian machine learning to inform and validate qualitative research, as well as introducing Bayesian statistics to their everyday product management.

Josh Sephton: How do you climb a mountain?

AI seems like an insurmountable mountain for most people. How do you convince a startup that they need to invest in something which might not pay off for a few years? How do you get people to think of AI as science fact instead of science fiction? How do you demonstrate a clear path to success before you’ve got budget to build a team? In this talk, Josh explains how to convince stakeholders by taking one step at a time.

Simrun Basuita - Building an AI Financial Adviser

Wealth Wizards are making financial advice affordable and accessible to all. AI is a key enabler of this vision; it slashes the costs involved in delivering regulated advice to people. Simrun will explain where they’re up to so far, and how they plan to leverage the latest developments to create their next generation product. He’ll also explore what the future holds as AI creates a personal adviser in each of our pockets.

Thanks to Pusher - their Sessions initiative allows you to watch talks from various meetups across the UK, including ours!­

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