Want to learn Git? Practical session on 21st September

I feel like the planets have aligned a bit on this one - with the recent requests by @ukgav and @Judes for help with git, and the fact that open project nights are now a thing, it’s the time to give the backslash group idea a go, and host a one off git training session at the Impact Hub.

I’m no expect at git, but I know enough that I can show people the basics of how it works, and to help get them set-up on github/bitbucket. If there is anyone else out there that wants to learn git, feel free to come along - the same goes for anyone willing to help teach it (but if not, I’m sure I can handle it).

The only issue with this idea is we need at least one person with Impact Hub membership, which I don’t have, so if someone that has membership wants to come along, great, if not, I guess we’ll need to pool together to buy one.

If you’re interested, let me know below.

I’d be happy to contribute - I’d done an internal session while I was working at Whisk on how git’s innards are structured, that started at commits, branches, stashes and objects, then moved up to rebasing, remotes and push & pull.

I was also planning to buy impact hub membership (but you don’t seem to be able to do it online).


I like the look of Impact Hub, and if I were to remote-work again I’d certainly consider it. The prices are quite good (and in this niche it’s important to not be too price sensitive - both Moseley Exchange and Boxxed are cheaper).

However £35pcm for a tech meetup location is rather pricey, especially given that there may only be one session. Wouldn’t a coffee shop be better?

Maybe. Having missed Part 2 of the Agile Staffs talk, I could do with a bit more theory but I don’t like to go ‘south of the river after dark’. Living in the South Staffordshire Quarter makes The Village feel a long way away.

Again this feels the kind of thing that @bmi1854 might be able to help with, if a few of us were members.

Skeptics in the Pub, in the upstairs room at the Victoria suggest a donation of £2 to pay expenses of speakers who travel but they get the room free as long as they keep drinking plenty of beer. Coincidentally, £2 is the same as B&MI’s Monday Lunchtime Lectures, I think but keeping the building open for an educational event in the evening might be more difficult.

Does anyone have any experience of BCU’s attitude to such events at Millenium Point?

That would be super… :slight_smile:

Get it in the calendar, if its not automagically in there :smiley:

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I might be able to get free meeting space at Millenium point… It really depends on what the event is, and how many people, as to whether thats needed.
I like the idea of supporting ImpactHub somehow, but i certainly dont need a membership, I might be there once a month.
Is there no GIT / Open Source programming group on Meetup then? (goes to look)

There’s a public seating area and a ‘6/8 Cafe’ coffee shop at Millenium too, isn’t there? but I don’t know when it closes. The one in town stays open late for music sometimes, so you never know.

I’m wondering if there is some confusion about the membership requirements for the Open Project Night - unless I’m mistaken, only one person attending needs the membership, and if @JackWeirdy was planning on getting membership anyway, that should cover it.

Personally I’m fine with the idea of hosting it at a pub, but I want to make it inclusive and available to everyone, and use it as an opportunity to check out how the open project nights work.

I’m also not envisioning this being a huge turn out, but a far more casual thing, with the people that know git just helping the ones that don’t.

My main issue with Git is that I know what I’m doing… until something goes wrong. But then it’s difficult to teach people solutions to a non-specific problems isn’t it?

I might well be interested anyway as I am still learning the ropes really.

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Well, yeah, you’ll never know what problem needs solving until it becomes a problem - although if you do have such an issue, bring it along and we can try and solve it.

Do we have a confirmed data/time/place for this now?

Yes, still the same plan as first proposed - Monday 21st at the Impact Hub from 6:30 onwards.

Ok cool… I’ll be there :smiley:

First thing to do… Use GIT properly to add ImpactHub Monday nights to the calender :smile:

Awesome! Do I have to sign up anywhere? Or can I just appear there at 6:30?

Just rock up at 6:30 :smile:

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Is this suitable for non-developers? I’d like tone more comfortable with the principles and basic admin and review.

Also, if you’re stuck for space I may be able to help. At Fluid (Tenby St, JQ) we’ve got plenty of room for this sort of thing and we can put on some tea and biscuits.

Welcome to the community, why not introduce yourself.

I don’t see why not - I’m planning on playing it by ear and simply responding to the needs of the audience. If you have specific questions or things you want to understand, just ask :smile:

That’s very generous of you. I think we’re good for this initial session at the Impact Hub, but it might be handy for future Backs\ash meets. Thank you.

@Judes, @ukgav, @Fyx - how did you get on with the Try Git tutorial? If you’re stuck on any of it, give me a shout and I’ll help where I can.

I’m good with git, I think. I think it’s about getting some experience with it so that I get used to best practices and what works and doesn’t. Great teacher here!

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