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Doing a bit of research and gathering opinion on what to call my collaborative joke writing site, currently on I’m working on a new version and want to make sure the brand name is clear and right.

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We did a similar name test using click tests

@skinofstars Nice, I’ve been really lucky with it and had around 111 responses. Would be good to get some more, I wish I’d asked for people to opt into the marketing email.

Did that test cost you a fair bit?

@zer0mike I’d already racked up a load of karma points from doing other tests. Doing usability tests is a great game :slight_smile:

@skinofstars I can see my evening disappearing :wink:

We did a few sets of tests with different names. Some would make it through to the next round of testing. Others we’d throw in as red herrings. Sometimes we’d change the order to see if that made a difference.

Of course, naming is such a preferential thing. When it really comes down to it, you make the name what it is.

I probably wouldn’t have given you a marketing email :wink:

The thing I’ve noticed about this site, there are some terrible UI designers in the world.

Yes! Some really really bad designers!

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