Vote for next talk at Impact Hub

(Dave Evans) #1

We have Dylan Beattie coming up to Birmingham on 8th August - I’ve set up a poll to see which talk of his you would prefer:

Details of the talks are on his blog:

It would be great if you could chip in. Thanks.

(Daniel Hollands) #2

Not that I wish to steal any thunder here, but for what it’s worth, Dylan is coming to do The Web That Never Was talk for Worcester Source in January:

That’s not to say you shouldn’t vote for that talk for August - but instead to suggest if it doesn’t happen, or if you miss it, you’re welcome to come see it in Worcester :slight_smile:

(Why do I feel like I’ve just announced my pregnancy at someone else’s wedding? :speak_no_evil: )

(Andy Wootton) #3

I’m still chuckling from discovering that “legacy code” now means ‘early web apps’. What kind of legacy is that to leave behind?
Luckily, my only grandchildren are horses.
<Something about “stable” code?>

(Dave Evans) #4

Is legacy code the code you wrote yesterday? :grinning:

(Stuart Langridge) #5

The code I wrote yesterday is glorious. The code everyone else wrote yesterday is legacy code :slight_smile:

(Dave Evans) #6

Looks like the “anyone who builds systems” talk on Domain Architecture is winning in our poll - still time to get your vote in.

(Dave Evans) #7

Talk decided: Domain Architecture Isomorphism and the Inverse Conway Manoeuvre. Sign up here.

Most of us have heard of Conway’s Law - “organisations that design systems are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of those organisations”. And once you accept that systems end up reflecting the structure of the teams that create them, it’s clear why many software projects don’t go according to plan. Your architect says you’ll use an API instead of direct database access - but then you sit your developers next to your DBA and give them a deadline; what do you think happens to your API? Or you have a DBA in London working with an app developer in Prague and a web team in Kyiv, and then wonder why your system’s communication layers are causing performance problems?

In this talk, we’ll look at communication structures and how those structures affect the outcome of the systems you’re building. We’ll discuss how to apply design patterns to your teams as well as your code, and how to sell the idea to your boss before you start moving desks around.

Target audience: Anyone who builds systems, really :slight_smile:

Level: Everybody