Voluntary iOS App Testers Needed -- PLzzzzzzz

Ottitia has come a very long way. The days when it was meant to be for contractors that operate similarly to freelancer . com. Since that application was getting complex, both in code and UK compliance, I’ve decided not to go any further. Feedback suggested that I should keep a section of the app and use it for a mobile app. Ottitia App was born.

What is Ottitia App?

Ottitia targets the UK self-employed, an average of 2M in the UK, who wants a simple bookkeeping app that shows their exact take-home pay and what is due in taxes. Not only just to display figures but also help them claiming more expenses by doing…nothing. That app lets you take home more of your hard-earned income. Ottitia is not an accounting software. Ottitia is not meant to replace your accountant. Ottitia targets self-employed who wants to simply use an app to input expense/income and nothing else.

Aim of Ottitia

We want to build a simple bookkeeping app that is in line with their tax return. With the click of a button, you can submit your self-assessment to HMRC. Currently, Ottitia is not for company directors.

You can:

  • Add income/expense
  • Add receipt from your iPhone’s gallery
  • 3d touch the app icon to add income/expense from home screen **
  • 3d touch to view/preview an expense **
  • upload profile picture
  • change/select tax year (previous or current only)
  • delete income/expense
  • set bank fees:

You can’t:

  • receive notifications
  • take picture of your receipt to upload
  • view certain views
  • search/filter an income or expense
  • edit income/expense
  • view summary/report
  • submit to HMRC

If you have an iPhone, preferably an iPhone 6S/7 to 3d touch, that would be great. Lower iPhones is ok but not supported the iPhone 4/4s. I invite all voluntary beta testers. You’ll be using Apple’s TestFlight. PM me your email address and I’ll set you up an account. If I’ve already contacted you via email, I’’ be in touch. Thanks.

** requires an iPhone 6s or 7

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