Venues to hold Meetups for free

Hi Guys,

As a few of you know I’m the Birmingham ambassador for Meteor. Unfortunately I’ve neglected that role slightly and still haven’t organized a single meet up. Meteor are running a global hackathon on the 10-11th October and I would like to host a pre-hackathon meetup and maybe even a showcase event afterwards.

I’m not from birmingham but I think to get maximum attendance that’s where it should be held. Does anyone know of somewhere I could host a meetup between 1-4pm on Saturday 10th. It would need to be free and have access to a reasonable internet connection.

Thanks in advance!

I might be worth having a chat with Whisk - they’re normally pretty generous with use of space, and are in a nice central location.

Failing that, you’ve got BOM (who @Jess uses for Open Code), Impact Hub (who @DaveDev uses for the Xamarin meetup), and the Innovation Centre (@MichelleRayner might be able to help you here). These places are not free, however, so you might need to work out a deal with them.

I’d say something very similar about Birmingham & Midland Institute. The B&MI is a charity to provide a building to educate the people of Birmingham and it makes it’s money by renting rooms, so… you would need to negotiate your position along that line.

Here’s a list of independent Birmingham cafes with free wifi and their opening hours which I maintain - many host meetups e.g. Cherry Reds, Coffee Lounge, Urban Coffee and Yorks


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