Venue for the 1 year anniversary social

With less than three months until the 1 year anniversary of Birmingham.IO, I figured I should start thinking about how we’re going to celebrate it.

Personally I’m thinking a nice low-stress social at a pub on the Sunday before the anniversary (31st May) would be just the ticket. It would be open to all current (and future) members of the community, and to keep things simple, people would buy their own drinks.

(Although if we can get a sponsor for the event, maybe some money can be put behind the bar, or food provided, or something - we’ll see if anyone interested in sponsoring it first).

Anyway, getting to the point of the topic, I’m looking for suggestions of venue. I’ve already had a suggestion of The Fiddle and Bone (who I contacted, and want either £75 for the room, or a minimum catering order of £50), and thanks to Open Code, I’ve got a friendly relationship with The Woodman (who have an upstairs area which I think they’d be willing to let us use for free).

But I’m looking for more suggestions - where you you like to celebrate the anniversary, and why?


Skeptics in the Pub use the upstairs room at The Victoria free because they buy plenty of drinks. It is owned by the same people as The Villa Rose Tavern and The Jeckyl & Hyde (+ 1 other?) I don’t know if the same conditions apply.

The Jeckyl & Hyde is just around the corner from my flat, and I’ve always meant to go check it out, but never got around to it.

It’s a gin palace upstairs but it’s always been closed when I’ve been there.

If you haven’t already, make sure you let me know when you’re available for the party

@LimeBlast do you have a pack for sponsors? I can probably email a few people see if they’re interested.

This is the first time I’ve done anything like this - as such, I don’t even know what a ‘pack for sponsors’ is :flushed: It sounds like something I should probably put together though.

@LimeBlast doesn’t have to be too fancy either. Just something with some stats about the site perhaps, the kind of people in the group and the things they’re working etc. I’m sure a few local city groups would definitely be interested in the tech community :slight_smile:

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OK, I think I can put something like that together, it would be in my best interest. I don’t suppose you know of any examples that I might be able to get some inspiration from, do you? Thanks.

I just had a worrying thought: is this “personal information” under the terms of the Data Protection Act? Maybe unchecked email names don’t count.

What personal information are you referring to?

I was just thinking of the list of names, social network addresses etc. I’ve never been quite sure what ‘personal’ means. Addresses and phone numbers would be.

See here for the definition of “personal data”:

with links to a couple of useful pdfs.

The UXBrum group meets in Cherry Red’s in John Bright Street which I like – lovely food and beer – but depending on attendance it may be a bit small.

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Thanks very much to Packt covering the deposit and catering, we now have a venue for the Party: The Fiddle and Bone.

I’ll be setting the exact date of the party tomorrow (it’ll be either Friday or Saturday end of next week), so if you’ve not already, be sure to let me know your availability.

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