Validating a product without spending a dime

With this topic, you can find many answers on the web. I have read most but it seems to me the author of these posts already have many followers/friends to get such feedback. What if you have just a hand full? In the past I have wasted a lot of money doing things the wrong way. This time I’m cautious on the things I do next.

My next, and hope to be final, move is with a project Im working on called Zrofy. This post is not to discuss this project but how someone should validate and idea effectively; how to validate without spending any money? Is there such a thing? This is not possible for me as I will need to spend money on Facebook and Twitter ads just to get an idea validated. Does not seem right to me.

Things I’ve done so far:

  • Twitter / Facebook Account
  • Made facebook posts / tweets
  • Created a medium post

Based on Google Analytics, I see few clicks, just under a 100. I’m doing things the Buffer way which saves me from purchasing themes for the website. Just something very basic to start with.

How many email collected should be considered an idea validated? 500+?

Coding is the easy part but this validating stuff seems like learning 5x + 2y = abc when learning at first.

Send Joel an email and ask him.

It’s not just clicks you are after, but clicks through to a payment link.

fyi (I’m a language student too): “I see few clicks” means hardly any clicks. “I see a few clicks” means some clicks. i.e. the former often has a negative connotation, while the latter a positive one. You probably mean “a few” here.

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Might be better to view it from conversions? eg. of people who visit the site, how many sign up for the newsletter?

The name rings a bell. Cant picture a face but I think I know who that is.

Im making few changes then put a link up to an actual working app so I know what’s going on.

I might not be targeting the right audience for that. So far it’s just under 15 :frowning: May need to spend more on facebook ads for this. But that’s what Im running away from. I’ll get a login link up then take it from there. Maybe my approach will work when not using the Buffer way.

Is Facebook def where your users are?

I would guess that. I’d say anywhere shopify goes I’ll follow.

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