UK Bank API Needed

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. I’m still alive and well…just being busy :slight_smile:

I need access to the UK banks API. Do I need to approach banks individually or is there a company I could go through? The aim is for customers to connect their bank account to my app etc.


In the old days banks used to provide the Microsoft Money API and some others. Increasingly now they do not and there is no programmatic access to bank details. However, may be able to help, although that’s designed for accountants.

Thanks, @sil, that web link would be a starting point. The question came to mind when I realised an app uses some sort of banking api:

I’ll send bankstream an email and see if the fit my needs.

Might be worth looking at They’re who FreeAgent use for their bank import features.

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Nice! Thanks.

What kind of integration do you need? Balance info or payments into accounts?

Hi Steve. I’m only after information for fees accumulated, what comes in/out or a “GET” request only.

I’d say don’t expect too much. If you’re dealing with banks I’d imagine you’d need to do some pretty heavy security processes, ensuring data stored is safe. It’s not like getting API access from Twitter or Instagram.

Can you build out features using CSV imports instead?
I expect you’d just get a bunch of data on all transaction, rather than specific types. It would be down to you to determine what’s what. Services like freeAgent want all transactions because they’re expecting you to match each transaction for bookkeeping.


Correct. To be honest, I’m only after the bank fees/charges applied to the account. While I could go onto each bank’s website and note the fees percentages, over time that’ll will be a pain to keep updating.

Why not just as your users to enter it as a setting/param and you then use that each week/month? How much, how often, until when. (then you ask them again)

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That has never come to mind :neutral_face: Thanks for that tip.

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