UC and Cloud Day 2017 - Conference

(Andrew J Price) #1

The UK leading community conference for Microsoft UC and Cloud technologies is back on the 9th October at the Nation Motorcycle Musuem. This conference covers Skype for Business, Office365, Azure, Exchange and Microsoft technology workloads.

We currently have a call for content out until 1st August and ticket can also be obtained from our website.

(Andy Wootton) #2

“UC”? Use-Case, User Conference, User Community, User Content, Universal Computing - is this a Thing people say now in Microsoft world; what does it mean? The page didn’t appear to explain either.

Update - It’s Exchange & Skype, so probably none of my first 5 guesses. U. Communication?

I’ve never been a big fan of TLAs, TLAs or FLAs.

(Andrew J Price) #3

UC stands for Unified Communications which primarily covers Skype for Business/Exchange but as a conference we cover the other workloads listed.

We are in discussions for rebranding to move in line with our User Group event Microsoft Cloud User Group. Www.mscug.com

(Andy Wootton) #4

Thanks. Does it have XMPP built in now, to ‘unify’ with other vendor’s products, or is that still an additional-cost? WebRTC support would be nice too. I think it’s great when Microsoft support open standards properly but some of us still remember the restrictive practices of the past, so remain sceptical. Single-vendor communication protocols have always seemed a very odd idea to me, for anyone who really wants to communicate.

“Two steps forward, six steps back”, as ‘The Gang of Four’ might say.