Tiny Tower On Kickstarter

(Jon) #21

Ouch! £17 every three months would get pricey, but it sounds like you’ve gotten a good one now.

I’m with Judes on this - I paid the same amount for my North Face. Sylar earlier said it was too expensive for a rucksack, but IMO it depends on what utility you get from it, and how long it lasts. My plan is that if I get say three years out of it, I will have paid £3.60 per month. I use it every day.

@Judes, yes, a pocket at the front is very handy. Train pass, small bike lights, money, etc. without having to dig into the bag recesses too much!

(Steve Jalim) #22

Been rocking the Ally Cappellino / AO canvas Macbook Pro bag (from Apple, but a v v similar one is at http://www.allycapellino.co.uk/ao-multi-satchel-brown) - still going strong and, to its benefit IMO, doesn’t look like a laptop bag.

When I can get away with travelling really light (eg cycling), I still break out https://www.amazon.co.uk/Built-Neoprene-Backpack-Notebooks-13-17/dp/B0016ALWRS (Bonus: if you want to go fully clandestine about having a laptop about your person – eg, crappy areas of cities late at night – it’ll disappear pretty convincingly under a heavy coat.)

(Andy Wootton) #23

Mrs. Woo bought a leather laptop briefcase from Aldi recently for £40 which she thought was good value. £20 today.