Tiny Tower On Kickstarter

What do you think of the Tiny Tower? Are there anything similar? I’m bending too often around tables. I also “work” in coffee shops so I don’t want to create a scene.


Link didn’t work for me, so here it is in text.

Looks like a nice bit of kit, but yes, I work in coffee shops too, and I’m not wiling to lug a keyboard and mouse around with me also :slight_smile:

Spend a week going to coffeeshops with a spare keyboard and mouse in your bag, and put your laptop on a pile of books so the screen’s higher. If at the end of that week, you’ve found that the only problem with this plan is having to carry the books around, then spend a hundred notes on this pointless item. If there are other problems, then those other problems will also apply to this :wink:


What link? It’s a video link I’ve shared.

I was also looking at you will need to bring more items: keyboard and mouse. Not that convenient.

The tower looks fine but laptops have always been an ergonomic nightmare. The problem isn’t that you’re carrying a keyboard and a pointing device but that they’re the second one you are carrying, the other one having proved unfit for purpose. We need a mobile screen on a stick and ‘seperates’, with a case. This is the reason I got excited about the original Ubuntu phone idea but the Cloud has simplified the problem.

I thought the PiTop CEED came very close to being an excellent idea

But isn’t that for pi only? This is about a stand for any make/model laptop. Anyhow, I now think this stand is rubbish. With this stand, you must add more weight: mouse and keyboard. If you are already carrying those two around then maybe it’s not an issue.

As what @sil said, I’ll just carry a reading book in my bag :joy:

I do like the idea in theory, but 800g is nearly another kilo, and my laptop rucksack is too heavy as it is! Just bought a new one, which I am thrilled with, despite the weight. I’ll have to work out what widgets I can do without…

A bit expensive for a backpack.

Yeah, not to bov’d tbh. I want one of the cheeky cardboard standing desk upgrades, (

I was looking for a new backpack for my laptop, one which would have room for the laptop as well as stuff (lunchbox, bottles of water, clothing, etc…) and had my eyes on a nice one on Amazon for around £60 - but settled on this one from PC World for £17.

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That’s a nice looking bit of kit, I’d estimate that as having a ~20L capacity. Bit small for my needs, but if you can cut down what you carry with you, then great. The warranty isn’t great though - 6 months!

My last daysack was a Tripp, which I think is an own-brand for Debenhams. It was okay but lasted, if my poor memory serves, around 18 months, maybe a couple of years. I’d already had a seam repaired, and a couple of zips had fallen off, and finally the main compartment plastic zip started losing teeth and it would not close reliably. I think it was £60ish.

Of course, I could buy a cheap one every year, but the point of my trying a much more expensive one this time around is to see if I can get a bag that lasts ~4+ years. I throw away too much disposable stuff away as it is.

I’m an analyst and engineer so I’ve abstracted what your problem really is from the solution you described, then said that I don’t believe there’s any known solution and proposed a cheaper bad solution :slight_smile: I think it works with any Pi-sized board though.

I also don’t believe that any conversation is “about” any one thing because even if I didn’t understand the question and said something ridiculous, that might trigger a new line of creative thought in someone else.

I’ve thought about using tensegrity structures to make a folding stand for my tablet out of bamboo but then I bought a non-folding stand from Pound Shop which met 80% of my requirements. I’d also look at laser-cut ply-board, if I knew how to laser-cut.

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How much?!? That’s 2 cardboard boxes :slight_smile:

I just bought the £5 table and discovered that everything was at about the right height for me.

The Lack table is a layer of veneer over a cardboard lattice structure too. I’ve used it for an old monitor.

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I’ve done the opposite of that. My last one was an expensive one (well, £50), and could fit lots of flat stuff (phone, tablet, books, etc) but as soon as you tried to put anything even slightly unusual in it, it didn’t fit. It also died after 2 years.

I guess maybe that’s the difference with my current one, which I think is more of a backpack which has a laptop pocket, rather than a laptop backpack.

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So this is a derailed conversation that should have ended months ago… but my £17 PC World rucksack died last week. The strap just couldn’t handle the strain I was putting on it, and finally gave up (thankfully, without any laptop casualties).

So, it’s a good thing my girlfriend (being the forethinking genius that she is) got me the Targus Drifter 3 for Xmas.

I’ve not really used it in anger yet (although it did survive the journey home from London), but will do so from Tuesday next week.

I think you get what you pay for with sacks. I got a ridiculously expensive – so I thought at the time – Thule, 3 years ago. The thing still looks brand new. It’s also a great piece of kit.

I’ve also had a good experience, no complaints with TechAir, but the Thule stomps on it for quality, tbh.

Oh dear, so what was its useful lifespan? Didn’t you buy that a few months back? :frowning:

After I bought my MacBook Air (chosen because it’s small and light) I decided I needed something to carry it round in. Eventually, after ruling out a lot of laptop backpacks because I couldn’t fit my lunch in them, I bought a much bigger bag than I was planning too - it probably weights more than the Mac on its own. I wanted something robust that was going to last for years, not a cheap nylon one which falls apart in a few months. It’s a Côte et Ciel canvas one and cost £130. I use it every day: take it to work, take it on weekends away, carry heavy shopping in it - and after nearly 2 years it’s almost good as new. One feature I love is the small zip pocket on the top which holds my keys, buspass and phone which are instantly accessible. The zip on this went, but I got it replaced at a cobblers (which you can’t do with a nylon bag). Also it’s a slim outline with no sticky-out pockets, and stands on the floor on its own even when empty. I love it - it was SO worth the money!


I have the Incase Icon backpack for 3+ years now and its doing me great service. Highly recommended.

I got about 3 months out of it, all in all. It solved an immediate problem and filled a gap - but I probably tasked it with more than it was able to handle.

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