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Hello all. I know it’s not a Midlands event but I have a friend who works at Ticketmaster and has told me about the DevJam they’re doing in their London office. I can’t make it but it looks like it could be pretty decent (they have a slide in their office!). Here is the full official spiel and video for those who might fancy a trip out of town.

The Ticketmaster API Devjam in London, UK!


Ticketmaster, a Live Nation Entertainment company, will host the first London based Ticketmaster DevJam on Saturday 3rd September.

This is Ticketmaster’s eighth DevJam globally, with more than 400 avid devjammers from around the world taking part in Ticketmaster hackathons in Los Angeles, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina and Quebec City. This will be the first of its kind to be held in the UK, with senior executives from Ticketmaster’s Global HQ in Hollywood flying over to join their UK and European counterparts, and get up close and code with developers from across London.

This hands-on workshop will see techies from across the city take over the award-winning Ticketmaster HQ here in North London. This year alone, Ticketmaster has picked up four awards at Techworld’s Techie Awards including ‘best place for developers to work’, ‘rock star developer’, ’innovative team’ and ‘The Techies 2016 Grand Prix award’, as well as V3’s ‘Best Place to Work in Digital’. The DevJam will give developers a rare insight into the company’s culture of support, development, and commitment for constant change and innovation.

Devjammers will knuckle down in Ticketmaster’s very own basement bar accessible only via the infamous Ticketmaster slide for a day of fun, with loads of free swag, pizza and refreshments, and coding. There’s also a bunch of prizes to be won, from a Phantom 3 Advanced Drone, a Go Pro Hero Session Camera, £150 Ticketmaster gift card to box seats to see Arsenal Football Club at Emirates Stadium.
The DevJam will focus on Ticketmaster’s open API strategy, with the theme of ‘event discovery’. Here developers will use Ticketmaster’s APIs, mash them up with other APIs and ultimately create meaningful experiences for fans. The aim of the game is for the Ticketmaster team to connect with the developer community and gain insightful feedback on the developer experience, and the new updates to Ticketmaster’s APIs.

Ismail El Shareef, VP Open Platform & Innovation at Ticketmaster US who will be flying over from Hollywood for the DevJam, said on Medium, “The platform is as strong as the community contributing to it…building a community that’s passionate about creating unforgettable moments for fans is critical to the evolution of the platform.”

The DevJam will be judged by a host of industry experts who will be announced shortly. Tickets are free and are going fast universe.com/ticketmaster for more information visit Ticketmaster’s tech blog #TMDevJam.


Date: Saturday 3rd September
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Where: Ticketmaster London HQ – 4 Pentonville Road, London N1 9HF
• Jody Mulkey (CTO, Ticketmaster US) - @jodymulkey
• Ismail El Shareef (VP Open Platform & Innovation, Ticketmaster US) - @ielshareef
• Mark Yovich (President, Ticketmaster International)
• Troy Suda (VP, Product) - @troysuda
• Members of Ticketmaster’s UK & European tech teams
• 100 devjammers from around the UK

(Jon) #2

Hmm, I am in two minds whether to report this as spam, as earnest as the posting is. Sorry to be a wet flannel OP, but this is a copy-n-paste directly from the PR office of the promoters, including gushing quote-space for the VP who is “flying over from Hollywood”. Wow, what a guy!!

I suppose I am irked, too, because there are still some companies who endorse the brogrammer nonsense of “rock star developer” with a straight face. I mean, this stuff parodies itself, surely? :rage:

(Steve Pitchford) #3

I agree with Jon, this reads more like a recruitment ad than a genuine attempt to build a community around their API.

Maybe this is just a US/UK cultural difference thing but the whole thing is a little too uncanny valley for me.

It’s a DevJam not a hackathon… the failure to mention hackathon or hacking makes me suspect that the “INFAMOUS” slide to the basement is window dressing on a dated corporate attitide.

“100 devjammers from around the UK” - I won’t be one of them - “devjammer” is not a term I wish to be associated with.

(Andy Wootton) #4

I can vouch for Bish. I’m sure he posted this in good faith but this is a Midlands forum so I understand the concerns about appropriateness.