These are the droids I was looking for

Hi my name is Animesh, most people call me Ash. I don’t mind either. I do mind being called Aminesh, Animash, or any other phonetically inaccurate versions of my incredibly rare name. I run a agri-tech startup in Birmingham by the name Quickbird ( We are teaching computers how to grow food.

At Quickbird, I am mostly involved in iOS development and design. I can write code in Obj-C, Swift, C++ and JavaScript. I hate JavaScript. I did get a chance to speak to a few folks on here briefly at the anniversary party. Looking forward to meeting you all. You can follow me on Twitter @SirAnimesh.


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Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Can you teach them to also cook it, place it in my mouth, and help me chew it also? (Don’t worry about swallowing, I’ve got that covered ;))

I knew I liked you :smiling_imp:

Atwood’s Law: any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.

Welcome Animesh. Can you say any more about what aspect of growing food? I was saying to Mrs. Woo at the weekend that I’m sure we could do gardening more efficiently with a bit of help from silicon. I think it was before she got bamboo in her eye, luckily.

Just because it can, and will, doesn’t mean it should.

edit: not sure how this relates, but it does, at least the first part :wink:

We are starting with automating hydroponics systems. Sensors - air, water and soil quality - peppered across a greenhouse feed data into our backend, we run some analytics on them and show the results in a handy dashboard app. You get alerts when plants need more water, you get alerts when they need more chemicals, and provided one connects the irrigation and fertilisation systems, the system is smart enough to switch to autopilot where it takes care of everything.

Have looked at commercial greenhouses only so far, but something tells me you could be one of our alpha testers too. You want to meet up and tell me more about your travails with 20th century gardening? Gardening as it’s done right now indeed is very inefficient.

Sounds great though I may NOT be the droid you are looking for :slight_smile: . I mainly do lawn mowing and jungle clearance. I like it because it helps me clear my mind and think crazy thoughts like this. I’m locked in a never-ending battle with the squirrels who want to plant a hazel forest in our garden but I’ve written a children’s book about them, so they’re forgiven.

I’d be happy to chat sometime. It can help to bounce your ideas off someone but I’m 15 Miles out. Do you Silicon Canal?

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You’ll fit in nicely.


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