The X windowing system

I’ve been looking at how run a ‘headless’ Raspberry Pi and connect to it from another machine. ssh for a terminal session and many use VNC or Microsoft’s RDP to get a GUI desktop.
This is silly, I use Linux. I want to use X.

I was annoyed that I couldn’t remember the PC X Server I used to buy but ‘Ming’ reminded me that it was Hummingbird Exceed. They’ve been bought by When I worked in a department with less money to throw around, I also used to get to a Linux box.

The quick answer is:
ssh -Y pi@ipaddress
then e.g. to get an X editing session: emacs &
for LXDE’s graphical file manager: pcmanfm &

I don’t yet have a working display manager for the remote, headless pi.

Error messages about canberra-gtk-module from above commands were cleared with:
sudo apt install libcanberra-gtk3-module.
They weren’t critical errors. I suspect it just connects some beeps from the Pi into the local sound system.

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