The Third Way (of phone OS)

My elderly, in-house relation doesn’t get on with the touch screen of his new smart-phone. He asked me about a flip-phone he’d seen advertised that had WhatsApp, which is the reason he got the smart phone. I told him, I had my doubts because I couldn’t imagine Android would be much fun with a phone keypad and I’d never seen one. I said he needed to make sure it ran Android.

I’ve been away for a long weekend, so he bought one. It’s a surprisingly interesting bit of kit: a Doro 7060, running KaiOS v2.5. £99 in Argos. It is a flip ‘feature’ phone. It doesn’t run Android and it IS being advertised as having Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Only the last part is a lie. It’s ‘coming real soon’ and was in March too. It’s just gone back to Argos.

Now the good part: while I’ve been watching Jolla and the Sailfish OS, have brought out a new ‘third way’ that’s getting some traction in emerging markets It’s come out of the follow-up to Mozilla OS and Boot-to-Gecko FOSS project but is ‘closed source’ :frowning: but there is a web-only phone development platform for users with very low expectations :slight_smile:

However, it and a couple of others meet my need for a ‘Jeans pocket’ phone that isn’t worth stealing and provides a 4G WiFi router for a bigger device and some of them do have WhatsApp voice

The Nokia is £40

I’ve ordered one for him. If WhatsApp voice works, that’s all he needs. It makes you wonder why the world was ready for this when it wasn’t for Firefox OS. I suspect the answer is 4G.

Friday came early! Tech Sense in Stockport, via Amazon are speedy. That’s standard free delivery.

Oh dear! The phone is OK if you want a slightly updated 90s phone but we didn’t read the small-print carefully enough. When it says “Voice or text messaging”, that’s exactly what it means :-/ You record a voice message, then send it. I think it’s the equivalent of attaching an audio message on ‘Real’ WhatsApp. It’s a remote walkie-talkie for ‘the developing world’.

Mozilla had a WebRTC client, didn’t it? I wonder if it would work on KaiOS phones?

This from a guy in Mozilla

Nokia have another one already, aimed to knock Doro out of the Linux for pensioners market

My daughter let me know about this one because she’d heard there was a flip phone with WhatsApp.
She claims I snapped at her :slight_smile: It’s cheaper than a iWatch.

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