The Omega2+ - which dock and expansion should I get?

Back in July, I backed the Omega2, then promptly forgot about it.

So what fun it was, this morning, to receive the backer’s survey asking which goodies I wanted in addition to the board when it gets delivered in November. The tier I supported gives me one dock and one expansion from the list at the bottom of the post.

At first, I thought about the Power Dock (allowing for battery-powered usage) and the OLED Expansion - but now I’m not so sure. The power dock lacks the USB-to-serial chip (not that I know what this is, but sounds important), and if I really wanted remote power, what’s stopping me from using a USB battery like I did with the chimp? Additionally, of what real use is the OLED screen? I have a small screen for my Raspberry Pi that I have no idea what to do with.

Of course, all of this depends on what I want to use it for - and right now I have no idea - but maybe some bright spark here might have some thoughts that they’d be willing to share with an idiot like myself.


  • Expansion Dock
    The Expansion Dock powers the Omega2, it breaks out all of the GPIOs, and allows you to expand your Omega2 with expansion modules. It has a USB-to-serial chip on-board, allowing you to access the Omega2 easily through the serial terminal.

  • Mini Dock
    The Mini Dock provides power to the Omega2, and it allows you to plug in USB devices. It is designed primarily for volume-constrained applications, as well as applications that do not require any Expansions (networking, for example). The Mini Dock has a USB-to-serial chip just like the Expansion Dock.

  • Power Dock
    The Power Dock provides power to the Omega2 via a lithium polymer battery. It also comes with a charging circuit to allow you to charge your battery. The Power Dock does not come with a USB-to-serial chip but the GPIOs are broken out so you can use Expansions.

  • Arduino Dock R2
    The Arduino Dock R2 is a full Arduino Uno that allows your Omega2 to control the Arduino chip through a serial connection. It lets you to make use of all of your existing Arduino Shields and you can program it with the Arduino IDE, just like any other Arduino! We’ve also broken out the Omega2’s GPIOs, so you can use Expansions with the Arduino Dock R2 once you solder down the headers.


  • Relay Expansion
    The Relay Expansion comes with two relays so you can control lights or other electrical signals with the Omega2. The relays are rated for 2A @ 240V.

  • OLED Expansion
    The OLED Expansion adds a 128x64 monochrome OLED screen to the Omega2. You can use the screen to display both text and images with our API and App.

  • PWM Expansion
    The PWM Expansion adds 16 PWM output channels to the Omega2. Use it to control your servo motors or LEDs.

  • Ethernet Expansion
    The Ethernet Expansion exposes the ethernet port on the Omega2. You can use it to flash the Omega2’s firmware, or to turn the Omega2 into a router.

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I’ve been thinking about this, and I leaning towards getting the Relay Expansion to go along with the regular Expansion Dock. I’ve been toying around with the idea of controlling things via the internet for a while now, so the relay would allow for some experimentation in this area.

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