The MagPi AIY Projects

From the magazine which gave away a free computer for their 40th issue, this month’s issue of The MagPi has the components needed to build the Google AIY Projects - an Artificial Intelligence bot, much like Alexa, which I’d image is powered by Google Home:

I got my copy this morning:

I’ll need to rustle up one of my spare Raspberry Pi 3’s and put this thing together over the weekend.

Watch this space for progress updates.

I’m out in the sticks this weekend. If someone sees one for sale and doesn’t mind picking one up for me before they disappear, I would be much obliged

If I see one, I’ll grab it for you, but it’s been out since Thursday, and I’ve heard stories of people grabbing all the copies off the shelves (because they’re wankers), so you might be out of luck.

Although, I have heard they’re maybe going to do a second run/reprint (like they did with issue 40), and I’ve also seen that they’re going to do the kit seperatly.

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