The legendary post-Christmas get-together afternoon and evening pub crawl, 2017

(Stuart Langridge) #1

So! Every year there is a bit of a get together between Christmas and New Year. It takes the form of a very loose set of visits to various pubs around Birmingham over the course of a day, and you can join in and leave whenever you want: some people drop in for an hour, others for the whole afternoon and evening, and either is fine. This is not a big drinking affair; pop in, say hello to people, leave again, drink coffee, it’s all good. I’m still planning the route, but here is where you get a chance to influence the day on which it happens, and the location in which it happens.

Choose two things: the day you prefer, and the place to go. We’ll normally go between a few places in whatever the location is, and there’ll be some way to work out where we are up-to-the-minute on the day!

  • Day: Thursday 28th December
  • Day: Friday 29th December
  • Day: Saturday 30th December
  • Location: the Jewellery Quarter
  • Location: the City Centre
  • Location: Digbeth

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(Stuart Langridge) #2

OK, I’m calling it: this year’s get-together will be Friday 29th December in the city centre. I’ll put together a list of venues and some way that you can find out where everyone is at the time you want to drop in. Thank you, everyone!

(Andy Wootton) #3

I never vote because family commitments between Christmas and New Year would always have to come first but that could be the day my daughter goes back to That London so maybe she’ll need a bag carrier, as far as New Street.