The legendary Christmas/New Year pub crawl, 2016 edition

(Stuart Langridge) #1

So! Every year there is a bit of a get together between Christmas and New Year. It takes the form of a very loose set of visits to various pubs around Birmingham over the course of a day, and you can join in and leave whenever you want: some people drop in for an hour, others for the whole afternoon and evening, and either is fine. I’m still planning the route, but here is where you get a chance to influence the day on which it happens. It’ll either be Thursday 29th December or Friday 30th December, and if you have a preference for one or the other, this is where you express that. And I’ll choose a day.

  • Thursday 29th December
  • Friday 30th December
  • Either is fine
  • I can’t do either of those

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Place your preference now!

(Stuart Langridge) #2

OK, excellent, let’s go with Friday the 30th, then! (Sorry to the one person who preferred the 29th, whoever you are.)

Keep the date free, or at least some of it. More detail will be made available as I plan it :slight_smile:

(Daniel Hollands) #3

Do we have a route for this year yet? Unlike last year (and the year before) I should be available for more of the day.

(Stuart Langridge) #4

My plan is, currently, – six pubs rather than loads because it feels quite rushed if you only get an hour, and this is all about chilling rather than frantic drinking. Good places in the JQ: the Lord Clifden, the Church, 1000 Trades, the Rose Villa Tavern, the Button Factory, and then ending up in the Actress if everyone rocks on that long. If anyone sees an issue with that plan, do please shout!

(Tajinder Singh) #5

Lots of coke for me then :smile:

I might join you at :100:0 Trades or The :rose: :house_abandoned: Tavern

(Will Parker) #6

Sounds like a nice day out, I’ll stop by for a bit :slight_smile:

(Andy Wootton) #7

S’laters, 4ish.

(Daniel Hollands) #8

(Stuart Langridge) #9