The Humble Bundle Megathread

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Again, a little different from usual, but I reckon someone will like this:

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I remember when people used to be willing to pay for software: heady days.

Slightly related: I had a go at re-writing the ‘Manifesto of Agile’ so it didn’t refer to software development. I was forced to face the question of whether software is still a product, or do we provide a service to make changes to services?

Interesting point from last night’s visiting speaker at Brum AI that monopolies in California are moving from services to algorithms. That puts them 1 step ahead of the Facebook police appears dependent on software patents. He sells an ‘AI bus’ on the Ethereum Blockchain, to connect data providers with algorithms. I got confused when he said people pay in state, not money. I’ve spent months trying to get rid of state. :slight_smile:

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This looks like a pretty good deal, even if you don’t use Python (it has credit for Digital Ocean, Postman, GitKraken, et al)

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Thoughtful machine learning. As opposed to unthinking, thoughtless, empty-headed?

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I’d not normally post this here, other than the fact it contains some CRYENGINE assets and other resources, which may be of some interest to the community:

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Stop showing me things I’ll want but not need. :slight_smile:

I was strong this time (/forgetful)

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