The Humble Bundle Megathread

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Specific bundles, no. But you’ll often find some of the same items within the bundles popping up in later bundles. If you see something in a bundle that you like, it really does pay to just grab it there and then, because there’s no gurantee that it’ll show up again.

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I finally decided to buy one of these and they won’t take my money. Google ReCaptcha fail.

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I logged a call and a ReCaptcha came up. They had no record of my email address so I started again. I haz keys.

@LimeBlast Do you pick a format or download as many as you want? I wonder if a PDF might be useful backup for an ePub. I’ve seen tech stuff get a bit scrambled and that kind of matters in a programming book.

I’m thinking of chucking some cash at O RLY for the ePub of Living Clojure too, in the hope they’ve corrected some of the misprints. I like dead-tree books but their ‘cut and paste’ feature is rubbish.

(Daniel Hollands) #27

Personally, I grab all the formats available.

I keep a library in Dropbox using Calibre, which lets you store multiple formats for each book, and means that I can choose the format best suited for the device in question.

Most of the time that’s the PDF (technical books don’t tend to translate into .epub or .mobi very well, often because the person doing the formatting for them doesn’t care IMO), but it’s nice to have the choice.

I use Calibre Companion on my Android tablet to sync books between my library and my device. I plan on (maybe) getting a surface pro at some point in the near-ish future, which means I’ll need to rethink my my approach to this - but the above works for now.

(Andy Wootton) #28

Thanks Dan. I’ve installed Calibre before. A friend who reads a lot of eBooks recommended it but didn’t know about the companion. I haven’t found an eBook app I really like yet. I have a Kobo eBook reader but like Amazon, they make it hard to get books from anyone but them.

I was making notes from a physical book recently and it kept shutting. I realised it would be much easier in another window on a big screen.

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btw The O’Reilly ebook upgrade isn’t going to happen. They’ve decided to withdraw the offer they made in writing IN THE BOOK!

You now have to subscribe to Safari. I’m not very happy with O RLY.

(Daniel Hollands) #30

What upgrade is that?

(Andy Wootton) #31

In the back of ‘Living Clojure’ it said I could get the ebook for $4.99. They’ve replaced all ebooks by their subscription service. I Humble Bundled and sharpened my pencil to make the Errata corrections.

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^ The functional one is for @Woo, I think!

(Andy Wootton) #36

Oh Gawd! I bought the last functional bundle but annoyingly I also paid full price for ‘Living Clojure’ and the buggers won’t sell me the digital version. The middle one is very tempting… and now I’ve seen ‘Functional Thinking’. I hate you all! :smiley:

I could stop buying books whenever I wanted but I don’t want to enough.

(Andy Wootton) #37

GOT! Thanks for the heads-up @halfer.
I paid but haven’t down-loaded yet. I thought a searchable version of ‘Living Clojure’ was worth $5 so that lot for $15 is a bargain.

Also: why has the rum always gone?

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It said for $5(?) I could have the eBook but now they want to sell you Safari. Ha! We showed them.

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A little different to what I normally post here, but this might be helpful for someone: