The domain name is now with

Following an emergency domain name re-registration yesterday, after @paul_tibbetts inadvertently reminded me that I’d not renewed the domain name (following a cock up back in Feb, I guess 123-reg forgot to email and remind me), it’s now all set-up and configured using (who only wanted £30 for the year, vs the £85 odd 123-reg wanted).

Hopefully, this means nothing, but there is a chance that I might not have set up something entirely correctly (seeing as I’ve had to manually configure everything - so if you notice something unusual happening with any of the sites which use the domain, can you let me know.

Thank you.

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Glad you have moved away away from 123-reg. They now charge for changing tags on UK domains.

I recommend as well as Gandi for no-fuss, no-upselling simple to use domain management.

After posting that I got redirected to - which isn’t working for me.

I made a cock up with the root domain. I’ve taken steps to fix it, I think they’re just taking time to propagate. Hopefully it’ll be fixed by the morning, otherwise I’ll try something else.

You say you was redirected after posting - was that because you clicked on the site logo?

Thank you for reporting this.

For several years, I have been using and was about to recommend them to someone but I thought I’d check reviews. They were ‘not well regarded’ for their performance this year, after they were bought out. I haven’t noticed anything but I probably wouldn’t. I haven’t tried doing anything fancy.

However, they charge £6.99 for a .uk domain. What do you get extra for £30 or is that for several domains?

I don’t know what DNS services I might look for in a domain name registrar beyond these

Nothing extra, but you do get an .io domain, which don’t appear to be available on As for .uk domains, they’re currently £5.99 on 123-reg (although this is ex VAT).

I guess it figures that a UK registrar wouldn’t handle Indian Ocean domains. It might cause a diplomatic incident.

My background has made me risk averse. I’ve only ever managed an internal sub-domain and I had the DNS clustered across two sites in different electricity grid areas. A hurricane still managed to take them both out at once.

I like the idea of my domain being handled by a different company to my web host but are there any advantages to having them ‘co-located’?

I think you’re putting more thought into it than I did. I originally got from 123-reg because I’d used them for years without any major issues.

Shortly after I did this, someone (I think it was @JoelHoskin) told me I could get .ios much cheaper from, so when the domain expired, I switched over (something I did turning the one-year anniversary party, because I’d forgotten I renew it prior to this).

Easily allows me to change the following:
A records, MX records, CNAME records and SPF records

Is anything missing that I might get from another registrar?

My plan to register a .uk domain was foiled. The registrant of any pre-existing or has the right to buy until 2019.

I’m pretty sure they’re all fairly standard with all of them.

I’ve used for years – I even have the No Bullshit t-shirt. They’re not the cheapest, but they’ve been reliable, and I like their email reminders from 90 days out which increase in frequency. They’ve always been competitive on SSL certs, though.

I’m moving from CloudFloorDNS, whose DNS admin solution is a bit hacky and amateur, to Mythic Beasts, who know what they’re doing. CF don’t respond very well to customer feedback, but MB so far have been very good.

I like the look of Mythic Beasts @halfer. Thanks.

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