The Beginners' Guide to Ruby Practical Study Seminar

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(Update: tickets sold out - we’ve got a full house)

Who would be interested in attending a study seminar at some point in the near future?

I’m talking about a one-off (at least initially) half-day session, where we get together - laptops in tow - and have a practical session of learning lead by someone versed in the technology in question.

  • The session would start with an introduction to the topic of study, followed with a series of practical tasks to give experience actually using it.

  • The people attending can work together in groups, or alone - but regardless of how they work, if they run into any trouble, they can ask other people for help.

  • You could walk into a session totally clueless, and walk out with a firm understanding of what was taught, as well as some source code of your own creation.

There are a wealth of topics which could be taught in this way, but as an initial starting point I’ve been chatting with the guys at Make it with Code, and with their help, I think the first session could be a Beginners Guide to Ruby.

So who would be interested in participating in such an event?

Even if maybe not a Ruby event, but something like it (maybe a session on TDD, or Angular.js, Node, or whatever takes your fancy), let me know your thoughts below.

PS, although this post is primarily aimed at members of the Birmingham Open Code meetup group, due to the open nature of the group, there is no reason why you can’t join (for free, using the link above), and be part of the fun :smile:

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(Nore Gabbidon) #3

I’m very interested in this. If there’s anything I can do to help organise these in any way then I’d be happy to participate.

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(Daniel Hollands) #5

This is very good to hear. At this point I’m interested in promoting the idea of the event, and seeing how many people are interested in taking part. Anything you can do to promote this thread would help.

Once I have an idea of how many people will be attending, I’ll then need to work out a venue, so any ideas or input on this front would also be welcome.

(Sara Gowen) #6

I would be very interested in this idea (I love learning new stuff). The only problem I see is when would it occur if it is a half day? I don’t know about other people but my weekends get booked up months in advance :frowning:

(Daniel Hollands) #7

As you’ve suggested, I was thinking it would be a Saturday afternoon thing, with a time span of around 4 hours (which should be nice window to get a lot of interesting stuff done), followed by a trip to the pub.

In theory this could be done on a weekday night (maybe a Tuesday, in place of the regular Open Study Session, or any other day of the week, as long as it didn’t clash with any other events), but we’d probably have to start at 6/7 pm (to let people finish work, etc), so we’d not be done until 10/11. I’d also be concerned about concentration levels of people that late in the evening, especially after a day at work.

That’s not to say an evening thing is out of the question, it simply means that it raises some issues - but as you’ve pointed out, doing it on a weekend also raises issues.

If I’m understanding you correctly however, you’re not saying that a weekend would be impossible for you, but that you’d simply need enough advance notice of it so that you don’t make other plans, is that correct?

(Giedrius Kudelis) #8

Sweet stuff, I’d happily come along! Sounds more useful than doing nothing on a Saturday afternoon :).

(Tajinder Singh) #9

Like the idea of having it on a weekend rather then a weekday evening. Again, organizing it in time can help people plan in advance.

(Sara Gowen) #10

It seems that I am alone in being a busy bee on weekends! For me my family take up most of my weekend time, I’ve an awful lot of family and they all always want me (and none of them are in Birmingham). Organise something and if I can turn up I will. I totally agree with you over the problems of having it in one session during the week, it is a lot of concentration late at night.

(Daniel Hollands) #11

With some luck, this should generate some additional interest:

RT at will :smile:

(Nick Goodall) #12

Definitely interested.

After having a look at the Make it with Code syllabus, I couldn’t do some of those things. So learning similar skills in a group setting would be awesome!

(Andy Henson) #13

Not to hijack this thread but you should come along to WMRUG next week, where you could pair with someone more experienced with ruby when they do the ruby warrior coding challenge.

(Andy Henson) #14

With enough notice, I’d definitely be happy to help run a ruby based event to act as a mentor or generally help people out.

(Daniel Hollands) #15

Thats very kind, thank you - I’ve got a feeling that I may very well take you up on your offer.

(Daniel Hollands) #16

OK, so first of all, I’m glad that this idea is popular.

I’ve been thinking about the approach it could take, and how best to make it engaging for multiple levels of learner, and have what I think is a good idea - details to follow.

So the next step is to plan a date and venue. In an effort to try and give as much notice as possible (for all the people with busy weekends) how about we pencil in a date of Saturday 27th September? Too many people are unavailable on this date, working on a new date now.

Please note this very much in a pencil’d-in date, as of this point in time, nothing more than the potential date exists - so this could change - but in an effort to try and provide some consistency, if this date suits, I’ll do everything I can to make it work.

I’ll provide more updates as I have them.

(Tajinder Singh) #17

Bump!!! Won’t be able to make it on the 27th Sept, I know its tentative and before anyone jumps, its a charity thing (Hadrians wall walk).

(Nick Goodall) #18

Ahh, won’t be able to make the 27th (Going to see/hear Beethoven’s 9th).

(Daniel Hollands) #19

OK, that’s two strikes against the 27th - is there anyone that is able to make the 27th, or should I shrub it and try another date (such as the weekend before, or the weekend after?)

(Nore Gabbidon) #20

27th is probably going to be tricky for me too - its my wifes birthday weekend so I’m likely to be unavailable.