The BBC Computer Literacy Project

Ever wondered what a “modem” was and how an “email” might be sent? This is pretty amazing of the BBC! Douglas Adams being interviewed about the H2G2 game is among the many clips from the BBC archives! Plus some people called Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak… whatever happened to them?

Main website is here: you can even grab an emulator and the code samples!

also relevant to this:

Remarkably perceptive about the world today, from a TV programme that came out when I was six.

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A modem was a super-fast version of an accoustic-coupler. Those things could really make a tele-type fly. I was only at my first job for a year and a half and comms went from 300 b/s to 9600 b/s. The “white-hot heat of technology” era.

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Thanks for this thread. I think I’ve just understood for the first time what this “DIGITAL” thing is and why I didn’t ever ‘get it’. It happened slowly to me, over most of my life and I see now that some people suddenly got hit by it.

I’ve been searching for a change from analogue to digital but it’s really about key business artifacts moving from atoms to bits and everything that enables.


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