Tech Wednesday: Women in Tech - 17th Feb

Wednesday 17th Feb @ Innovation Birmingham from 5.30pm (Faraday Wharf, Holt Street, Birmingham, B7 4BB)

This month focusing on Women in Tech with three awesome speakers. Check them out and register via meetup -

Free parking and pizza :car: :pizza:

Any questions, comment on the page or email

Hope to see you there!


I don’t think I can come to this one but the first talk particularly seems very relevant to my interests, so for future reference: is the point of the group to give women speakers a platform, so men encouraged to come and see how good they are, or to be a ‘safe space for women’ so men not really encouraged to attend? (or other that I haven’t thought of.)

Hi Andy - this is for everyone to come, and hopefully encourages more women to attend and hear from successful business women. The tech industry is heavily male dominant and we are trying to change this as best we can. By focusing on women in tech this month we are hoping to engage a more equal audience. There will be a write up on the event so if you can’t attend you can catch up there. If you follow @techwednesday it will have the relevant link in due course.

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Sorry, I’ve been a bit thick, haven’t I? I read the title as this being a ‘Women in Tech’ group, having a ‘Tech Wednesday’. I’ve never seen techwednesday with a space before. Good :slight_smile: As a boy, I’m sometimes confused about what equal opportunities look like because I haven’t always experienced, observed or understood the problems.

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