Tech leaders meetup

(Andy Wootton) #41

What do you mean by “the consortium”? Is that the same as ‘the community’? It sounds like you have to be a developer to take part.

Dan originally described the forum as being for “hackers, hipsters and hustlers” which I thought was fun but more serious people found frivolous and it slowly withdrew into the shadows. Have we accepted that we failed to attract designers and entrepreneurs? Are we about just tech (IT & a bit of making) now rather than startups? Perhaps Silicon Canal grabbed that ‘market’.

I think that there are a huge number of people involved in tech now who aren’t developers and have expertise that could be very useful to the community. Data science, marketing, PR, policy, strategy & politics and artists. They often think differently to techies and their ideas can be very valuable.

Does ‘the community’ have common purpose or are we just a bunch of people who chat and a few people get together and do things? Either model could work but I’m not sure which we are.

(Jim Seconde) #42

This feels like it’s derailing the original point of the leaders meetup discussion, but what I would recommend is reading the notes we published - it very clearly highlights that we’re aiming to connect with disciplines outside of the current boundaries, because currently people in UX, design/graphic design, marketing etc aren’t represented across the forum.

(Jon) #43

That sounds like it’s worth a new thread, @Woo? How to get everyone involved, and how to steer it democratically, are worthwhile questions.

(Jim Seconde) #44

That is a big chunk of what we’re trying to do (referring to but in the meantime for tech leaders, this exactly what @MollySC is doing for SC for tech leaders in brum tomorrow so we already have movement on I guess on both subject matters (Community, leaders)