Tech leaders meetup

Would anyone be interested in a meetup or semi-regular networking event for leaders in tech? I’m thinking about CTOs, Head-of-Engineering, that sort of level, any size of company. I can imagine a whole host of topics that we could discuss and support each other on, things that tend not to be covered in other forums.

I’m up for organising it, if there’s any interest.


I’d be interested - there used to be a meeting about 4 times a year organised by @chrisc - it was very good. But not running for a while now.

Cool. Was that just a meetup? Or was there any presentation/panel discussion organised?

I’d be interested too, esp in light of recent Digital Leaders salon,
and Andy Street’s Digital Board


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Yep, I’d be interested!

It was a meetup with no speaker, but Chris would announce a topic for discussion (e.g. Annual Retrospective) in advance so that we could all prepare.

With a strict “no recruiters” policy, I assume? :slight_smile:

Ha! Yes, for sure. TBH I probably would be asking everyone who they are, just to make sure it’s a sensible group, so we can weed out. Although that’s an interesting question: would the CEO of a tech recruitment company be in, or out? ; )

Fascinating @paulineroche. Who are these ‘digital intermediaries’? I’ve never heard of the Digital Leaders Salon. I’m not sure which leader would be representing my interests either.

What is the ‘scope’ of the proposed group? The intro hints at a level in a hierarchical technical organisation, possibly just ‘above’ ‘actually being technical’. Do you see it being about running a company, getting funding, managing a team, technical strategy, methods or something else? How do ‘independent consultants’ or contractors who have operated at that level fit in?

After all that typing, I realise I’m mainly asking if the emphasis is on “technical” or “leaders”. In the world of networked organisations I sometimes inhabit, leadership is now seen as a skill/service rather than a level.

Good questions. The idea came from me wanting peers that I could talk to about the challenges I am dealing with, and perhaps the challenges and opportunities I’m not even aware of. And by peers I guess I mean: other people who spend quality time thinking about concerns like, yes, managing a team, technical strategy, running a tech company/organisation, getting funding, and also building a healthy culture, finding talent, motivation, engagement, and succeeding with a tech team within a larger business.

I’m not fussed what title you hold, or whether you sit at the top of a traditional hierarchical organisation or are consulting/contracting in a different space. It’s more about whether you have an affinity and interest in these kind of topics.

I’ve actually been along to a handful of networking events aimed more generically at CEOs & high-level execs across all industries, and I just found so many of the attendees so tech-illiterate that I couldn’t spark a useful conversation! That was my other inspiration for wanting to start something similar, but specifically for tech companies. : )

@MattSteer That sounds relevant to my interests. I’ve been writing but I have a backround in development, ops/tech support, consultancy, information risk management policy, business process modelling and organisational change, most recently as a BA in an R&D/labs development environment, where we introduced agility. I’ve seen how very big companies do it, in pharmaceuticals and at Jaguar, BP, BT, British Gas, Nuclear Electric & E.ON.

[Update: reading this back, it looks like I was summarising my CV. I was trying to make the point that I’m interested in organisational culture & change, without having ever wanted to be a leader. ]

@MattSteer sounds like something I would be interested in. Your discussion points sounds like a tick list of my personal professional areas of interest.

Thanks for the interest and input on this. Quick update: I’m looking to set something up, and thinking that an initial more informal meetup would be best, to share ideas and figure out the best shape for it as an ongoing forum/group. I’ll keep you posted.

As an aside, if anyone has any thoughts about where I could seek out others who might be interested please let me know.

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I’m also pretty interested in this!

Hi Matthew

I’m a member of Digital Leaders and there is a WM regional programme

When I last searched the Linkedin Digital leaders group (currently 4,829 members), I found 924 WM-based members so some of them might be interested.

There’s a Digital Leaders week coming up in June (18th-22nd) - perhaps we could organise an event for then?




Hi Matt

Has your idea been duplicated by Monday Mesh?


Hey Pauline. Looks like we should go along and see whether this existing event is what we’re after! I’m all for not re-inventing the wheel. Looks like I’m free that Monday. Anyone else planning to go?

Sorry for not coming back on your other note - I think something for Digital Leaders Week would be superb. Going through a patch of change here at Click Travel just now, so that feels a much more helpful time too if I’m honest.


I can’t do that date but would be interested to hear what happens.


Very late to this, but I’d be interested (in the original idea), providing it maintains a technology role focus – specifically, no recruiters. Another group I belong to meets under the Chatham House Rule, which I’d suggest is essential for open discourse.

In case anyone isn’t clear on what the Chatham House rule is, see here



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