Tech Co-Founder Wanted

(Rebecca) #1

Hi Guys,

We’re looking for a tech co-founder for Yumzee, a brummie start-up! Yumzee is a platform that connects hosts with guests for a social dining experience! Think AirBnB meets Come Dine With Me…

We have been developing an MVP that is still in Beta mode with a team in Bristol but now want to move the next phase in-house: We have got some good media coverage already and are currently preparing an investment case for the first round (angel and crowdfund).

I, myself, worked in investment banking then management consulting for the last 6 years and have started the business in February ‘16. Yumzee is part of the accelerator programme eSpark and we have just been extended for another year. It’s an amazing office overlooking St. Philips square in Brum. But you wouldn’t be expected to be permanently based here.

We are looking for someone who loves our concept and would be able to commit around 2-3 days per week (could potentially be evenings and weekends though). Having said that, full time would be ideal.

If you’re interested and would like to hear more, please get in touch.

Many thanks


(Dom Barnes) #2

Hi Rebecca

What is your tech stack like? Have you got a sense of what the duties would be given your early MVP stage?

(Rebecca) #3

Hi dom, thanks for your response. Can you drop me an email on, will send some stuff over. thanks rebecca

(Jon) #4

You may find that some enquiries here are idle curiosity and/or intended to get the kind of detail that might stimulate interest. So, if there’s stuff you can put in public - e.g. your tech stack isn’t likely to be a secret - then pop it here if you can!

(Drew Smith) #5

Using my SUPERPOWERS I can tell you that they appear to currently be using Wordpress, WooCommerce and some other bits and bobs.

(Rebecca) #6

Hi guys,

sorry for the delay, not in Brum at the moment… Yes Drew is absolutely right it is basically Wordpress, WooCommerce, Open ticket and some customised development. We are supposed to use stripe but ironically experienced some integration issues which is why we’re currently using paypal. I have asked the developers to send some more sensible description over which I will forward on to you.