Starting Xamarin Mobile Development - August 10th

(Dave Evans) #1

Now that Xamarin has been Open Sourced and is bundled with Visual Studio, including the free community edition - it is time to take stock of the current situation. I’ll outline the process of getting started with C# .Net Mobile Development - what you need and how to get going. The parts and how they fit together, from design to test, Forms and Classic, PCLs and Shared Code, which IDE?

(Daniel Hollands) #2

What time do you think this will finish? Unlike usual, I’ll be in Lichfield that week, so will need to catch a train back.

(Dave Evans) #3

I’ll start at 6:45 and end before 8:00 - then some of us go for a beer and then a meal.

(James McGarry) #4

Hi David

Hope the meetup went well. Just so i am clear: what will your application do once it s put into effect? Is this for the advertising methods you were telling me about?

Kind regards

James M