Split tests, A/B testing with JS

Hey dot eye oh,

Ages back we used a split testing tool that allowed us to build a change with JS, then it would run it (rather than farm users off to a different URL)

So if I wanted to alter a form’s CSS, I would write it in JS, and then for a certain number of users, it would apply it.

All we had to do was drop the library & account num. at the top…

Any thoughts on anything similar now please?

  • Easy split tests that I can change the look with JS per. test

Best, DanC

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I don’t have any answers to this question, but I’d be interested in trying such a thing myself when others respond :slight_smile:

Sounds kind of like Google Optimise which I once used ages ago, so can’t vouch for its current state…


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Sounds a bit like

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That’s brilliant, thanks @Matt and @mattpointblank exactly the products I was after!

Best, DanC

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