Soon to be 1st year Uni Student looking for possible apprenticeship/Part time internship

(Siddharth Joshi) #1

Hello All,
I am a soon to be University Student, studying bachelors computer science, who is really excited to start my new life in Birmingham. I am looking for an apprenticeship or part time internship which can help me gain experience and knowledge in the tech field. I have basic programming skills in Java and SQL. As for things to show, I have made a fully functional point of sale application, using Java swing and SQL for database management, for a local grocery store in my town. I have checked all over for an opportunity on the web by browsing indeed and totaljobs however I have found nothing and thats why I am posting here. If any of you are able to help me out or know where I can find a similar opportunity then please do let me know.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:.

(Jon) #2

Welcome to the forum! :smiley_cat:

Have you considered a sandwich year? This involves taking a year out between years two and three and finding a paid placement at a company who will actively mentor you for a set period (usually the whole year). If you do well, you may get an offer as a junior for when you finish your degree.

If you are looking to impress potential employers or apprenticeships, consider starting building your online portfolios - GitHub and Stack Overflow are the main ones.

(Siddharth Joshi) #3

Hey @halfer

Thanks for the welcome.

In regards to the the sandwich year, I have considered it and will most probably end up doing it. However I was looking for something more in my first and second year since the placement year would end up being in my third year. I think I will definitely take your advice on building up my online portfolio with different projects. All in all thanks for the advice. Really appreciate it.

(Jon) #4

No problem. I’d recommend talking to a careers adviser or, even better, a placement supervisor at your university. I know Aston has a dedicated person for this - will you be at Aston or Birmingham? I imagine Birmingham would do as well.

What you might want to ask them in particular is how popular part-time apprenticeships are. It may be that they just don’t happen, or are rare enough that it is not a good use of time to find one. It generally needs to be an established company, as taking on a “pre junior” can be quite a time overhead for them (one of course that they hope will pay dividends by taking that person on eventually).

(Siddharth Joshi) #5

Wow, this is some great advice! I’ll definitely talk to a career adviser or as you suggest a placement supervisor. I think that would be the best way to go about this. Thanks so much.

(Marc Cooper) #6

Hey @siddharth_joshi :wave: Welcome.

Do head over to our Slack if you need general advice on coursework, tech in general, or other related stuff where we might be able to help. It might be a bit overwhelming early on, but keep it in mind for later; although if you’ve already built something that’s in use, you’re already a pro. Kudos for that! Do keep in mind that that there are often a handful of opinions on most tech issues, though :wink:

Best of luck with your degree.

(Andy Wootton) #7

Welcome @siddharth_joshi. I think you might be the first undergraduate who found their way here before starting, so that shows some planning ability. See the calendar too. There are more meetups than anyone can attend but they are good opportunities to meet people.

(Siddharth Joshi) #8

Thanks for the welcome!
I’ll check out the slack for sure, thanks for the suggestion. Also I really appreciate the praise but I feel I still have much ways to go. I really appreciate the great advice!

(Siddharth Joshi) #9

Hello @Woo,
Thanks for the welcome. Also thank you for pointing out the calendar section as I would love to attend some of these events.

(Nick Harewood) #10

Hello! I’d recommend getting yourself along to a careers fair at your chosen university too - there will be quite a few going on in the Autumn with many Birmingham employers in attendance looking to attract the most promising students for placement and graduate opportunities. I know that my employer ( will be at a number of them in October and November - we already have a number of Placement Software Engineers and will be taking on more next year, and hopefully the year after!
See for more info

Good luck - you’re definitely on the right track by putting yourself out there already!

(Steve Pitchford) #11


I’ve got a bit of experience here - I’m operations director for a local firm - Majestic. We’ve run placements for a number of years and I’ve dine a lot of liaison with local students.

I need to echo the thoughts from others above on placement years - they are an amazing way of getting a head start.

Increasingly, summer internships are becoming a thing as well - and well worth looking out for.

Don’t however, fall into the trap of a single point of focus on your career. Employers often look for “T-shaped people” - people with a specialist amongst a wider range of skills.

It sounds like you are adept at development already, so consider if it’s worth complimenting these skills with a wider portfolio of skills and interests.

University is also a great place to build network of future contacts - and thats more likely to happen via guilds and societies than popping home to finish some contract work you are doing for a local IT firm.

Which university are you heading to? Aston has the beautiful canoe student software company - a great opportunity to work on projects with other students.

Also consider hackathons such as “Hack the midlands” “Hackference” and “Aston Hack” - a great way to hang out with developers and build your CV.

Lastly - have fun! If you go into industry, your degree will be little more than a piece of paper after a few years - your experience will count for far more. Make time to enjoy the wider aspects of your degree and leave space for opportunity.

(Siddharth Joshi) #12

Hello to you too! Wow this is some great information, I’ll definitely look out for Kainos at one of these career fairs. Also Kainos looks like a really good company for a student placement. Once again thank you so much for this information. :slight_smile:

(Siddharth Joshi) #13

Hi @Steve_Pitchford

First of all, thank you for the great suggestions and tips in this answer as they are really helpful. I’m also amazed by this platform which helps newcomers into the tech field, like me, interact with some of the more seasoned people in the industry. To start replying to you, I’d like to say that I have taken the computer science course with a year in industry and would love to go for a summer internship. You mentioned that one should aim to be a T-shaped person and I’d like to say that, that’s the type of person I am trying to be as I continuously try to add skills to my repertoire. I am going to attend BCU and am really excited to join some societies. I can’t tell you how excited I am to attend my first hackathon and I appreciate the suggestions on which to attend. Finally, I’d like to thank you for this great response and the nice advice it contains.

(Steve Pitchford) #14

@siddharth_joshi - pm me and arrange a personal visit to Majestic in a few weeks - no job on offer but you may appreciate a workplace visit once you feel comfortable at BCU.