Social Explorer - a new view on social media

I wouldn’t normally post about releases from my local, Birmingham Based employer, but this is a little different. I work for Majestic - a Birmingham based organisation which maps the web.

This year, as an experiment, following our involvement with a local hackathon, we were inspired to recruit 3 talented students to work on an open ended summer internship - their mission - to explore our data, and come up with new and innovative views and ways of interacting with it.

Over 8 weeks we exercised very little control, with Tom, Misha, and Rowan treating the experience like a ten week hackathon - working with a pride and intensity that I’m proud to be in someway associatted with. They were joined by local freelance journalist, @pupulchatterjee whom we embedded in the team to report on progress.

After 8 weeks of working on great stuff ( visible at ) the team had impressed all of us sufficiently to be entrusted with a mission - to do justice to a dataset of metadata on some 50,000 twitter profiles ( or rather a list of 50,000 URLs associatted with twitter profiles ) - and to make a tool that encouraged people to engage with it.

The result of their work - “Social Explorer” - launched yesterday. Social Explorer gives an innovative view into “top ten” influencers in various categories - algorithmically produced from our web map ( so social explorer is the product of how the web see’s twitter, rather than yet another social media metric ).

The internship is now complete, and today the team have been released to enjoy the rest of the summer before returning to study. The blog post introducing the tool is here:

I wanted to make a short post to mark their success. I am confident they will go far.




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