Smart_Cities research survey

Hello All,

I am a PhD student working on my thesis ‘Smart Cities’, please take a few minutes to say your opinion through this questionaire (details of my supervisors/info on research please email me
Much appriciated!!


Hi @Smart_Cities, welcome to the community.

I’ve just taken a look at the survey, but I’m a bit stumped by the questions. The first one asks me:

Are you familiar with the meaning of the term “Smart City”?

To which I would answer No.

So far so good, but from here on in I’m finding it hard to answer the questions because I don’t know what a smart city is, therefore I don’t know how to rate things against their values or agendas.

If you could provide some more information about smart cities, then I can better answers the questions.

Cheers :sunglasses:

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Same problem. I selected “Not Sure” to the ‘Smart City’ question (I’ve heard of the term, but other than describing it as zeitgeist jargon, I couldn’t describe what it actually meant - I could guess, but that would defeat the survey I think). I’ve completed the survey, but was unable to answer the majority of questions.

Hi LimeBlast,

it is a confusing task indeed, here at the University we try to understand it a bit more. The term ‘Smart Cities’ is gaining recognition (companies, council etc), but we have not a clear definition on it ( The purpose of my research is to know what start ups would like the term to be i.e. do you want the ‘smart’ innovations to focus on digital interventions in the city, assistance for young businesses or something else? There have been cities that announced themselves ‘smart’ ( but who can say they are, or not? so, my idea is how we can help Birmingham to become smart, I think the most innovative ideas could come from start ups, so trust your instict and reply according to what you would like ‘smart’ to be. Thank you so much for contacting me, its not an easy task to get people to fill in the form :slight_smile:

Thanks, that makes it a bit clearer, and I feel a bit more confident in my ability to answer, but…

…does this mean I don’t qualify to answer? I’m not a start-up, and probably will never be. I’m just a dev.

Hi Marianna. I’m sure people here will be willing to help you out, and I can certainly believe it’s hard to persuade people to take the time to complete a questionnaire. To encourage more people to do so, can you provide a short paragraph (one or two sentences really) about what your thesis is about and what it is looking to research?

I think if people can read some succinct context that would help attract answers! Best of luck.

Well, as you are a ‘Future Web Architect’ of course you are,
one of the things in the Smart agenda is tech, digital, data, connectivity, of
course not just these! For many the term smart has to do with technology or
sustainability or connectivity, through these questionnaires, am trying to see which
is the most popular :wink:

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we published a first paper to underline the confusion over
’Smart Cities’ here : Also
details from the city council

The research, part of the Liveable cities
aims to understand the context of ‘Smart’. Through research and questionnaires I
look to see how Birmingham and what It needs to become Smart. However, so far
big corporations are using ‘Smart’ as a new service provider; whereas I believe
that ‘Smart’ should benefit people, start ups and local innovations. Therefore, your help is valuable to support that case :smile:

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Bit more details here:

I am interested in your opinions on the matter and you have been selected to take part to this survey because of your (profession, knowledge, interest) to the subject of Smart cities. The questionnaire is a 17 questions survey, divided in themes and takes about ten minutes to complete. The results are confidential and anonymous (please do not include your name) and will be published in my PhD thesis (completion date February 2017). Your participation will contribute to a better understanding of the Smart cities context and resilient assessment framework, with Birmingham as a case study.

If you have any questions about the research project or require further information you may contact one of my supervisors or me:
Supervisor Professor Rogers Telephone +44 (0) 121 414 5066 Email School of Civil Engineering University of Birmingham Edgbaston Birmingham B15 2TT Supervisor

Dr Dexter Hunt Researcher co-investigator University of Birmingham Email Telephone +44 (0) 0121 414 3544 School of Civil Engineering University of Birmingham Edgbaston Birmingham B15 2TT

Student Researcher
Marianna Cavada ( PhD student University of Birmingham Email Telephone +44 (0) 7732 925499 School of Civil Engineering University of Birmingham Edgbaston Birmingham
B15 2TT

Hahaha, that’s a title I got from one of them bullshit job title generators you get online, and as such is meant to be taken with a pinch of salt - but cool, I’ll take a crack at the survey shortly.

Haha! really? they try to be ‘smart’ lol
thanks for helping with the survey!

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Hi Marianna,

Do you need any help from Digital Birmingham on this? We may skew your results as we are supposed to be pushing forward the agenda on Birmingham being a “smart city”. A term I struggle with too.

I can pass round the survey to colleagues anyway but don’t want to interfere with your target cohort.

If you need some more specific info drop us a line



Hi Stuart,
thank you ! I have emailed you already :smile:

I have taken part in this and would like to know the results - where will you be blogging them?

Hello Pauline
thank you for taking time to complete the survey- it will be online for the next 8 months. The results of the survey and research will be published in my PhD thesis “Smart Cities”, which is supported by the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council and is part of a larger research program, Liveable Cities ( Some results (the analysis, yet not the direct results of the survey) will be published in academic papers, and will be uploaded on the Liveable Cities website once completed. The anonymity of the survey is protected under the etchical approval of the University of Birmingham. However, if you would like to discuss the matter further, please refer to my post above, where you can find my and my supervisors’ direct contact details. Thank you again for your input for the research.

If anyone’s interested I’ve just tripped over a free online course from the OU: Smart Cities. Might do that one myself


Nice one! Have passed it on to several others in Birmingham and beyond

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