Silicon Canal Tech Awards - 2 November 2016

(Radu) #1

Silicon Canal is pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural Greater Birmingham Tech Awards

To go along with our Tech Awards which is now open for nominations, we are announcing the Tech Awards Ceremony. The ceremony will be held on Wednesday 2nd November 2016 and will be hosted at Boxxed in Digbeth.

More information:


(Andy Wootton) #2

Hopefully the last called “Greater Birmingham”.

Heres a helpful map of the area that was to be called Greater Birmingham (named after London & Manchester)

I have no idea why East Staffs is included. [Afterthought: JCB :slight_smile: ]

(Stuart Langridge) #3

I’ve written up who I’ve nominated for awards and why; I’d be interested to hear other people’s thoughts. Public discussion around this sort of thing is good, and my nominations are pretty heavily weighted towards people and companies who contribute to a vibrant tech scene here in the city. Perhaps others feel differently, of course, and I do think it’s worth sending in nominations: I think you can even nominate yourself or your company (although I felt uncomfortable doing that personally). And I didn’t nominate anyone for best developer because, well, how do I choose among all my friends? I might never get bought a beer again :slight_smile: @Memrica @Jess @dnewns @jackweirdy all get mentions, although sadly don’t all get nominations from me… and I have no idea whether my votes will make any noticeable difference to the final totals!

(Steve Pitchford) #4

I am umming and ahhing wether to get myself a ticket. I like @sil’s post. Is anyone going?

As far as Graduate developer goes, I agree on @jackweirdy - one of the challenges is that you have undergrads doing some amazing stuff - like Tom Goodman from the Uni of Birmingham, Pandelis ( and others ) from BCU who are really contributing towards the west midlands tech scene. The issue for me is that Birmingham ( as a whole ) doesn’t feel like it’s got the best retention rate when it comes to students.

I may suggest Aman Soni from Aston - who did a stellar job organising the first Aston Hack. He’s still at Aston doing some stunningly brilliant stuff.

The only other one I’m differing from @sil at the moment is man in tech - I’m going to have to pump for Mike Elsmore, of hackference fame.

(Stuart Langridge) #5

Not a problem! Submit your own nominations. Anyone can do so, and in my opinion should :slight_smile: Just do it on the website.

(Steve Pitchford) #6

Validation for “Silicon Canal Directory Link” made entering data without a silicon directory link difficult so I ran away. :frowning:

(Stuart Langridge) #7

it’s not actually validated as being a link to the directory. Where there was one, I filled one in; where there wasn’t, I just put a link to the nominee’s website :slight_smile: I think this might have been some sort of secret plan to get nominators to fill stuff into the directory, but I’m not gonna do that as part of submitting nominations…