Silicon Canal BBQ: Couple of free Talis tickets

(chrisc) #1

One or two of us (myself included) have double booked ourselves for this event, so we have a couple of free tickets available if anyone wants one?

(Daniel Newns) #2

Hi Chris

if you still have the two tickets I know me and @sil would be interested in tacking them off your hands?


(Stuart Langridge) #4

@chrisc did these go to someone else in the end? Or are they still for us? :slight_smile:

(chrisc) #5

Ben, Roman and Richard are going from Talis, so you guys are welcome to the other tickets.

I’ll mail the confirmation to Ben as he seems like the most responsible adult - can you rendezvous with him?

(Stuart Langridge) #6

Cheers, pal! @dnewns and I will talk to @pads :slight_smile:

(chrisc) #7

You’re welcome.